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Op-Ed: Newtown resident ask press to show respect via Reddit

By Bill Lewis     Dec 15, 2012 in Crime
A Newtown, CT Resident reaches out on Reddit to remind the press and the world that the Sandy Hook tragedy is more than just a news story for the residents of Newtown.
When tragedies such as the Sandy Hook shooting occur it is natural for people around the country - and world - to want to have all of the facts. It is also natural for people to wonder what could have caused the horrific events and to try and find the root cause of what can only be called evil. In our desire to understand, however, it is easy to overlook the fact that for the people who live in Newtown it is not a news story but the story of friends and family and all too easily the press can add to their pain if they are not sensitive in how they go about reporting the event.
One Newtown resident obviously felt that this is exactly what happened expressed his feelings on Reddit. After reading it I have decided that we should all take his words to heart and as such this will be the only story I post regarding the Sandy Hook shootings and I will limit this to passing on his words:
A brief exerpt from Reddit:
I don't care about karma, that's why I made this throwaway.
I was raised in newtown from aged 8 until my graduation from N.H.S. I walked the hallways of Sandy Hook Elementary school and have nothing but positive memories of the place. I remember Mrs. Chard in the library, always smiling and never having a bad thing to say about us. I remember when, in 4th grade, the teachers decided to let us have a bit of fun during lunch and they brought in a karaoke machine for anyone to use. I remember seeing the same sign you've seen on tv every morning before I entered a school full of love, happiness and innocence. Like you, I always considered my hometown a bit special, a bit above the violence and carelessness of the world; a safe haven for my development into the young man I am today.
I was torn apart, as was the rest of the world, when I awoke Friday morning to the news. My best friends mother was freaking out, I knew I had to be with them, and I stayed with them all day.Bit by bit our neighbors and friends chimed in, letting us know their children were safe. Some stayed quiet, and we knew why...
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