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article imageEntrepreuner Osman Gulum succeeds despite adversities Special

By AR Vasquez     Dec 15, 2012 in Business
London - There are people who wait for opportunities and there are people who make opportunities. Osman Gulum was born in extreme poverty in a very small village in Turkey. Despite his lack of education and finances, Gulum has become a successful entrepreuner.
Author of Climbing Mountains, Gulum writes his life story describing in a narrative all the twists and near deadly turns when most would have given up pursuing the dream. Gulum's determination brought him through the roughest times of his life. Digital Journal recently interviewed Osman Gulum to talk about his new book.
Digital Journal: Tell me something about your book.
Osman Gulum: My book, Climbing Mountains, is the story of how I never gave in. It's the story of how, if you put your mind to it and devote all your energy to it you will, you must, eventually succeed.
It is about business, about overcoming adversity and striving to achieve your goals. It is a story of how I climbed my own personal mountains. I hope that it helps its readers climb theirs!
Digital Journal: What genre is it?
Osman Gulum: An autobiography, which focuses solely upon my exploits and journey in the world of business.
It is however also intended as a resource tool for business information and hopefully provides some relevant insight into good business practice that can help its readers in their own entrepreneurial exploits.
Digital Journal: What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Osman Gulum: Anyone who has a keen interest in business. But additionally, those looking for the motivation and inspiration to better themselves - whether this is from personal development perspective or in terms of their career - hopefully the book offers both!
I also think anyone who is interested in reading exciting novels would be intrigued by Climbing Mountains, as my story is quiet unusual and dramatic in places. The comparison between cultures may also attract potential readers, whether this is in terms of looking to learn more about the Turkish culture or those who are fascinated by the social differences between Western and Middle Eastern lifestyles.
Digital Journal: What inspired you to write the book?
Osman Gulum: Simply to pass on my knowledge to others, in the hope that they can gain something positive from it. I want people to see that my story shows, anything is possible. If I can achieve what I have, from my background, then anyone can achieve their goals if they truly desire it and work accordingly.
There has been a culture of slacking off the younger generation of today for not having a hard working ethic and not wanting to contribute to society as effectively as their ancestors have. I personally think that is rubbish. I have seen the desire in young people I have come across to get out there and make the absolute most out of life and achieve everything they set out to do. In the hard times we all currently face, I hoped this book would over some motivation, inspiration and perhaps guidance for like minded individuals to go out and do what they are capable of.
If I can offer the guidance, support, or inspiration for just one individual to do that, by simply telling my own story - then that would be classed as a success in my eyes.
Digital Journal: Do you have a favorite excerpt from the book? If so, could you please share it with us?
Osman Gulum: "Ask: If I need advice I ask a professional. Don't assume you know it all. Arrogance will bring you down. Ask. Listen. Learn. Act".
Digital Journal: Tell me something about yourself.
Osman Gulum: My goal in life is to achieve as much as I possibly can, to make the most I can of every minute of everyday and to provide as well as I can for my family! Religion plays a big part of my life and I bless God everyday for the success he has brought me and everything he has done for me.
My main goal now is to pass on the knowledge I have gained in the world of business and hope that others can benefit from this. The young generation get a lot of stick in the media about being lazy and unmotivated to make anything of themselves, which I think is unjustly harsh. I think there are millions of young people out there who would give 110% to achieve their dreams and perhaps all they are missing is the right guidance and motivation. Hopefully, not only my book, but also me personally can provide this too them.
I am always happy to help others, because I would be no where today without the help others bestowed upon me when I needed it.
Digital Journal: Where is your book available for sale?
Osman Gulum: Readers can purchase my book 'Climbing Mountains' via:
- Kindle Version
- Paperback Version
- Smashwords Ebook Version
They can also check out my Goodreads page for free excerpts.
Digital Journal: How have you marketed your book? Was it effective in increasing sales or exposure?
Osman Gulum: As 'Climbing Mountains is self published and I am a first time author, my main marketing strategy has been to utilise the free advertising and promotional avenues that are available. This obviously minimises the risk of not selling enough books to cover the costs whilst also allowing me to maximise profit margins.
Various social media platforms are obviously a huge source of, essentially free, channels of promotion. I have strived to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to my advantage by increasing my fan base through a number of different strategies.
However, the most important factor to consider, in my opinion, when using social media platforms to promote your book, is not to simply hard sell the book in an attempt to force sales. Instead I attempt to offer useful sources of information, to comment on relevant business based events and to offer some tips that I have personally picked up along my own journey. This is because, at the end of the day, these forms of social media are not designed simply to sell books or for companies to make money. It is a platform for social interaction and the customers expect to receive something worthwhile from you if they are to continue to follow you or stay a fan of your work! Unlike paid advertising, it isn't costing you anything, so my view is that offering something back in return is only fair.
I also love to use book forums to promote my work.,,, etc. are all excellent sources of free promotion. You are talking and promoting to your target audience - book lovers! I try to get involved, talk about those who have inspired me and the books that I love. Again, not just focusing on selling the book at all costs.
Finally, I have just started to write a blog. I hope this will show potential customers of mine that I have an excellent business brain and a will to work hard to succeed. That way, more people are going to be intrigued by the book and the secrets that I give away within!
I have found the combination of social media sites and blogging have brought much more attention to the book and with that I expect sales volumes to increase accordingly.
Digital Journal: Do you have a marketing strategy? If yes, could you please share how? If not, why?
Osman Gulum:As previously discussed my main strategy is to use free sources of advertising. Which, in this era of technology, are plentiful and as a result there is certainly an increase in not only the popularity, but also the success, of self-published authors - in comparison to a decade ago. This obviously does depend on how well these tools are utilised.
Other than that my intention is also to have an official book launch/charity event. This will attempt to raise not only awareness of the paperback version of the book, but also some revenue for deserving projects within the local community
Digital Journal: Do you have any advice for other authors?
Osman Gulum: As a first time author it is hard to give solid advice that I know is definitely going to help. As I say in the book, if there is something you do not know - ask a professional. I can not claim to be a professional at this moment in time. But I am always learning, and the valuable information I have picked up is that you need to be utilising various channels of advertising and marketing, you need to plan a book launch date and intensify promotion leading up to that date, you need to have a blog or some form of way of interacting with fans and potential customers. Oh and that sometimes varying promotion by using video's instead of merely writing in a blog can be very successful.
Digital Journal: What is next for you?
Osman Gulum: I have a number of business plans in the pipe line - including my invention the Flower Fountain, which avid followers of BBC 2's Dragons Den may have caught a glimpse of on series 10.
I also intend to build the world's biggest roller-coaster and amusement park. The intention is to have it to enter the sea and also pass through mountains - the sky is the limit!
Who knows - I may even get round to writing a second instalment of my autobiography!!
Digital Journal: How can readers find you?
Osman Gulum: My new website osmangulum[dot]com will be up and running; very, very soon!
Connect with Osman Gulum:
- Facebook page
- Twitter @GulumOsman
- Goodreads
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