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article imageCondom company goes anime with special 'Hokuto no Ken' brands

By Can Tran     Dec 14, 2012 in Health
Anime and condoms go together in Japan as a Japanese condom maker chooses the popular series "Hokuto no Ken" to promote its "Just Fit" series.
If you visit Japan, then you may see that its style of animation known as “Japanese anime” or “simply anime” is one the country's biggest international exports. This is a popular imported commodity in North America, South America, Australia, and Europe. However, that import simply remains just anime. In Japan, anime has become a way of life that has been embedded in many different industries. Companies utilize anime as a means of promoting various products. There's a lot of cross-promotion between anime companies and other companies. Vehicles manufacturers, transportation services, restaurants, and other companies use anime as a means to generate buzz and popularity.
The business of safe sex is by no means an exception. One common method of safe sex is through the use of condoms. You have notable brands such as “Trojan,” “Sheik,” “Lifestyle,” “Durex,” and so forth in the United States. In the case of Japan, you have anime brand condoms. However, that shouldn't be a surprise as pornography is also one of Japan's biggest domestic and international commodities. Porn and anime have come together with such titles such as “Bible Black,” “Wife with Wife,” “Stringendo,” “Discipline,” “Love In Law,” and so forth. This type of anime is called “hentai.”
It can be assumed that condoms would be cross-promoting with anime titles. However, that is not the case. There's a condom brand in Japan called “Fuji Latex” that has been using anime to promote its brand since 2011. However, it was just recently reported on Kotaku and in turn reported on Crunchy Roll news.
The anime series chosen by Fuji Latex, for its Just Fit series, is the popular series called “Hokuto no Ken” aka “Fist of the North Star.” It is a violent martial arts anime that takes place in the early 20th century in a post-apocalyptic Earth. The main character is a wandering fighter named Kenshiro that carries knowledge of the deadly martial arts style Hokuto Shinken. The design and fighting style of Kenshiro is seemingly inspired by late-martial arts actor and pioneer Bruce Lee and his style of Jeet Kune Do.
Originally, Hokuto no Ken debuted as a Japanese comic book known as “manga” back in 1980. In 1997, it was developed into an anime series. Since then, you had many series and games. There was even a live-action movie made which starred actors Malcolm McDowell, Gary Daniels, Chris Penn, and Costas Mandylor.
Several years ago, Arc System Works created a fighting game for the series.
A few years ago, there was an anime series called “Raoh Gaiden: Ten No Haoh” which followed the story of Roah who is the older foster brother of Kenshiro.
In a little over three decades since its manga debut, Hokuto no Ken aka Fist of the North Star has become a very popular franchise and series. Even today, there are still new animated series, movies, and games about Hokuto no Ken.
With regards to the condoms, you have three sizes: regular, free size, and extra-large size. The condom boxes features a different character from Hokuto no Ken. For regular, you have Toki the healer; for free size, you have the protagonist Kenshiro; and for extra-large, you have “Fist King” Roah.
According to the Crunchy Roll article, Fuji Latex is really milking (in a non-sexual way) the popularity of Hokuto no Ken's popularity. The condom display uses Kenshiro's trademark line “You're already dead” when he kills his enemies.
While these condoms are only available in stores across Japan, you can still buy them even if you live outside of the country. Anybody interested can buy a box of condoms, in any of the three sizes, from an online store called the Rakuten Global Market. The US price for a box is $25.19.
You can choose to actually use the condoms or keep them as a collectible. This is due to the individual wrappers having their own illustrations.
While it seems to be a surprising pick, to anime fans, there so many sexual inside jokes that can be made. For example, Kenshiro can represent the notion of “size doesn't matter, it's how you use it” due to the quantity and quality of enemies he's faced in the series. One can make a joke about Fist of the North Star when it comes to “fisting.” Another example would be Kenshiro's line of yelling “Atatatatatatatatatatatatatatata” when attacking his enemies.
Anybody outside of Japan that's interested in getting this type of condom, there's always the online store.
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