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article imageOp-Ed: Manny Pacquiao could get more endorsements despite stunning loss

By Leo Reyes     Dec 14, 2012 in Sports
Despite Manny Pacquiao's stunning loss to boxing rival Juan Manuel Marquez Saturday night in Las Vegas, more commercial and institutional endorsements could be coming his way between now and July when he starts training for a possible September fight.
Right after his devastating loss to Marquez last Saturday, many of Pacquiao's critics say, giant advertisers like Nike and HP might pull out their ads as a consequence of his loss to Marquez.
These thoughts were even shared by some of Pacquiao's loyal and passionate fans in the Philippines and across the globe.
But judging from the recent turn of events where Pacquiao was even portrayed by many of the local as well as international media as a "winner" despite of his stunning loss, not one of Pacquiao's endorsement clients talked of pulling out their ads or dropping him as an endorser of their products.
This could be due to the fact that Pacquiao took his loss with dignity by admitting he indeed lost as he refrained from putting the blame on someone else.
Several images and video footage have been posted on social media showing Marquez stepping on his feet apparently to control his mobility but Pacquiao did not even complain about it.
Instead, he admitted he was careless and overconfident during the closing seconds of the fight as he knew he was ahead on the judges' scorecards. He also knew he was capable of knocking out Marquez in the next couple of rounds which Marquez confirmed in an interview after the fight.
He explained to his fans that losing is part of the competition, saying that in boxing and in any sport, losing is part of the game. "Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win," he said
But Pacquiao also said, he was moved by so many people in his homeland and even fans from around the world who cried and wept on his loss.
"The low morale, the sadness, I accept that. This is my job.... But the reaction of the Filipinos, the many who cried, especially my family, it really hurts me," he said in an interview on the GMA TV network.
But moving on, Pacquiao rallied his fans and told them not to despair, saying he will not retire yet; "Don't worry, we will rise again, he said.
Pacquiao projected a positive image at the right time and the right place without consulting his handlers for prepared official fight statements. What he said right after he gained consciousness was spontaneous and the public knew it came from the heart.
Pacquiao has raised sportsmanship to the highest level when he held and congratulated his foe, telling him he deserved the victory.
Pacquiao's persona, as depicted in his spontaneous statements and behavior right after his loss to Marquez, speaks of the outstanding qualities of a good role model especially for young people who are into sports and related fields.
It must be these attributes that goaded the advertisers who are using Pacquiao for their product endorsements, to continue with their cordial relationship with the Filipino boxing star.
It won't be surprising that despite his stunning loss, Pacquiao will gain more endorsements from giant companies like Nike, HP and the rest of his loyal clients.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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