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article imageReview: RIP Flashpoint, you were one of the best Canadian cop shows Special

By David Silverberg     Dec 13, 2012 in Entertainment
The series finale of Flashpoint, airing tonight on Canada's CTV, marks a poignant end for the most compelling police drama series I've ever watched. You couldn't help but sympathize with the characters. [No spoilers in the review, don't worry, fans].
The police procedural is a TV trope long overdone, but Flashpoint has done a fantastic job in making it seem refreshingly original. The five seasons of the Canadian drama takes a standard outline - criminals do something bad, Toronto Police's Special Investigations Unit is called to catch the crooks - and upends it by adding several plot twists and tight suspense. More importantly, Flashpoint has long been known for building characters you care about, from the relationship between Jules and Sam to the stress weighing down Ed Lane.
Now that we know Flashpoint (airing in U.S. on ION) will no longer be on air, the series finale tonight (the second part of a two-show finale) will be even more impacting to fans. Keep the Peace: Pt. 2 follows the Team's challenge to track the suspect behind a series of bombings sending Toronto into chaos. Each officer is pushed to the brink, both physically and emotionally, as not only violence opens new wounds but forces the Team to make fateful decisions about loved ones.
Scene from the CTV show Flashpoint
Scene from the CTV show Flashpoint
Courtesy CTV
Viewers might get ferklempt with this finale, thanks to the heart-pumping action and final few scenes (don't worry, no spoilers). Let's just say the last 10 minutes remain with you long after the credits roll.
As a late bloomer to Flashpoint, I was once skeptical of a police drama following a familiar routine to catch the perp. But that's where the similarities to other cop shows end; Flashpoint will always be a stand-out show due to excellent acting, shocking twists and character development unseen in many other Canadian shows. No wonder US networks took notice and began broadcasting Flashpoint to Americans. It's the kind of show bursting with such realism, you wonder if Ed Lane and the Team will be available to answer the call if crime ever rampaged through your community.
The main leads from the CTV show Flashpoint
The main leads from the CTV show Flashpoint
Courtesy CTV
Keep The Peace: Pt. 2 will air on CTV in Canada tonight at 10 p.m. ET
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