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article imageGaza company creates perfume inspired by Hamas rocket

By Angela Norwood     Dec 13, 2012 in World
Gaza - Gaza company Stay Stylish has released a fragrance for men and women inspired by the Hamas M75 rocket, a missile used during the recent conflict between Palestine and Israel.
Gaza beauty company Stay Stylish is behind a new fragrance inspired by the Hamas M75 rocket. Called M75, the scent comes in versions for both men and women. The M75 rocket is one of the long-range missiles used during a conflict with Israel in November. According to the Huffington Post, casualties included approximately 174 Palestinians, at least 100 of them civilians. Six Israelis were reported killed in the skirmish. Despite the higher number of casualties, many in Gaza feel Hamas emerged the victor.
"We have a marketing slogan which is 'Whoever loves victory, happiness and dignity, loves the M75 perfume,'" the company’s marketing director told CNN. Identifying himself as Shadi, he explains that "M75 in Gaza means a period of happiness, or the feeling of victory, and the use of the perfume is an expression of happiness as well."
Stay Stylish owner Abu Ahmed explains the feeling of victory in Gaza is a boom for fragrance sales. “"People are proud that we were able to hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with this M75 rocket and this name is much talked about and liked by people here," he says. M75 is not the only conflict-inspired perfume on the market. According to the Lebanon Daily Star, a fragrance called “Resistance” was released in southern Beirut after the conflict between Israel and Lebanon in 2006.
Ahmed believes the popularity of the M75 perfume will inspire copycat products using the image of the missile as a marketing technique. Public attention is on the M75 rocket, which featured largely into the Hamas 25-anniversary festivities held last weekend.
According to the Herald Sun, the M75 fragrance costs 50 shekels, ($13 USD) for a 60 ml (2 oz) bottle. Expensive by Gaza standards, the manufacturers claim the pricey perfume contains “luxurious components." The women’s version of the M75 fragrance contains notes including jasmine, basil and rose, while the men's version features sandalwood, citrus and vanilla.
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