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article imageReview: Ke$ha writes a book that's (surprisingly) not that bad Special

By Erica Lenti     Dec 12, 2012 in Entertainment
Since she was thrust into the spotlight in 2009, pop sensation Ke$ha has become synonymous with a few things: glitter, P-Diddy, brushing your teeth with Jack Daniels and genitalia.
But in her debut book, My Crazy Beautiful Life, Ke$ha shows a tamer side to her “Animal/Cannibal” lifestyle. The memoir, released in November 2012 by Touchstone as a companion to her sophomore album Warrior, is perhaps a reminder that Ke$ha is more than just a pop act.
In many ways, Ke$ha is still learning to grow up.
Born Kesha Sebert on March 1, 1987 to a single-parent family in Nashville, the pop star grew up travelling from place to place without any money. It was this lifestyle that influenced her career – and the infamous dollar sign in her name: she was broke, but willing to live on the road and take risks anyways.
At just 17, she dropped out of high school to pursue a record deal with producer Dr. Luke in California, leaving behind acceptances to Columbia and Barnard and perfect SAT scores. “I am blonde, but I’m not stupid,” she writes.
At best, Ke$ha’s memoir is proof of this intelligence, her ability to morph into one of the world’s biggest pop acts practically overnight. Touching on her journey from waiting tables in L.A. to selling out shows in amphitheatres around the world, the book is humbling.
At worst, however, Ke$ha’s story is a blatant reminder that she is still very much a child. From scenes of hosting wild parties to adorning her crew in penis costumes, the book is peppered with immaturity and recollections that will likely make you roll your eyes (like the time she says she “felt like a unicorn” while being chased by Brazilian fans or had sex with a ghost).
Written primarily as a “fan bible” and secondarily as a non-fictional account of absolute debauchery, My Crazy Beautiful Life is far from literary genius. In fact, it’s not a challenging read at all. And it’s unlikely that someone over the age of 14 would willingly pick up the book. But take the holographic cover and scrapbook-esque layout with a grain of salt: it’s an interesting and (definitely) unique perspective on life as a young pop star.
My Crazy Beautiful Life is a reminder that the parties and the sparkly outfits are just a gimmick. Behind the glitter, Ke$ha is a naïve Southerner, a certified genius, a “Mommy’s girl.”
And if she dropped the crazy act, Ke$ha might actually be pretty awesome.
My Crazy Beautiful Life is available on Amazon.
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