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article imageOp-Ed: Is this the worst Christmas tree in the history of the holidays? Special

By Andrew Moran     Dec 12, 2012 in Lifestyle
Toronto - Late last month, the Eaton Centre shopping mall in Toronto unveiled this year's Christmas tree and it's quite unique to say the least. Veering away from traditional Christmas trees we see, this just might be one of the ugliest I've ever seen.
After attending a press conference with Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney, I decided to make my way to the Toronto Eaton Centre and catch a glimpse of the latest Christmas tree that is featured at the centre of the mall. It was exciting because I’ve heard numerous criticisms and I have also read the negative reviews in the city’s news outlets.
Unfortunately, the latest Christmas tree looks like an upside down ice cream cone designed by the Power Rangers. Replacing the classic Swarovski tree, this year’s concept is a giant metal pole with LED lights that have non-traditional colours, including purple, pink and orange.
It is a hideous design and something that made me immediately ponder if this was done just to be political correct and appease those who have constantly complained about Christmas, er, holiday season I mean. This tree does not actually celebrate the wonderful holiday known as Christmas with its classic trees, lights and ornaments.
“Toronto Eaton Centre has proudly hosted holiday festivities for Torontonians and tourists alike for many years," said Meredith Vlitas, Senior Marketing Director of Toronto Eaton Centre, in a press release. "In keeping with that tradition, we are excited to announce our re-vamped Christmas program; a contemporary spin on classic holiday favourites."
Although I understand that neoteric designers want to be different and hip, I cannot fathom why and how the creators came up with this “contemporary spin” on a traditional tree and how the mall authorities even approved it.
It seems I am not the only Torontonian who dislikes the tree. Many on Twitter have aired their disdain for the tree as well.
“Eaton Centre Christmas tree or giant pink badminton bird?” tweeted one Torontonian.
“Whoever designed and ok'd the eaton centre christmas tree should be fired and have all of their presents taken away for failing Christmas,” wrote another Twitter user.
Furthermore, when I stood there taking photographs, I found that a lot of people chuckled at the design.
What will next year’s tree look like? Perhaps it’s possible a new Christmas tree from the creators of fruity pebbles, Barney the dinosaur or Flintstones’ chewable vitamins will be the “contemporary spin on classic holiday favourites.”
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