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article imageAshley Judd's a strong Democratic challenger, according to poll

By Can Tran     Dec 12, 2012 in Politics
According to a recent PPP poll, if Ashley Judd ran for US Senate on the Democratic ticket, GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would still win; but, it would be by a slim lead.
Not long ago, Hollywood actress Ashley Judd entertained the prospect of running for the United States Senate in regards to the Kentucky seat. Judd took serious consideration of the US Senate run by doing her homework and so forth. She's debating whether to run in 2014 or 2016. In the case of 2014, if she is the Democratic nominee, Judd would go up against Mitch McConnell who is the GOP Senate Minority leader. In the case of 2016, Judd would be going up against junior Senator Rand Paul. Paul is the son of former GOP Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. Paul has ran in the GOP Presidential Primary a couple of times.
So far, it seems that Judd might actually have a strong chance against McConnell. According to a recent report by the Public Policy Poll, Judd is a strong Democratic frontrunner if she actually decides on a US Senate run. Amongst the Kentucky Democrats, Judd is the number one choice. She is trailed by Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson and two-term attorney general Jack Conway. With that said, Judd has a very good chance of becoming the the Democratic nominee in 2014. However, McConnell will still come out on top. But, McConnell's victory would be very slim with him taking 47% while Judd would be taking 43% of the vote.
However, that could change in the future. This is because McConnell has a low approval rating at the moment. That's according to the PPP poll. Depending on what happens now and up until 2014, depending if Judd actually decides to run in the Democratic primaries, the margin between her and McConnell could be slimmer. Right now, McConnell's approval rating is currently 37% while 55% disapprove of the job he's doing. According to the same poll that said that Judd would lead in the Democratic Primary, McConnell has the worst approval rating among members of the US Senate.
In response, McConnell's people state that it's a move by the PPP to cast McConnell in a negative light. According to McConnell's campaign manager Jesse Benton, this poll by PPP is just part of the liberal agenda to make McConnel look bad. Furthermore, Benton said that the poll is known for giving skewed numbers.
In a Courier-Journal article, it talks about how a Courier-Journal Bluegrass poll which was conducted back in September says that McConnell has a 51% approval rating.
With this said, there are conflicting poll results from PPP and Courier-Journal. According to PPP, the reason that McConnell still wins despite a “poor performance” is that many Republicans will still vote for him even though they dislike him The same goes for independent voters in Kentucky who would rather vote McConnell because most of them don't like the Democratic Party.
A blog on Slate says it best with “Invincible” as part of the title.
Still, Judd seems to have a strong Democratic contender. Even if she runs and loses, that's more than enough momentum for the Democrats. Keep in mind that this is still all hypothetical. Judd is simply entertaining the idea and hasn't made any decisions yet. Should that be the case and lose to McConnell in 2014, she can run again in 2016 against Rand Paul.
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