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article imageOp-Ed: Florida executes serial killer

By Alexander Baron     Dec 12, 2012 in Crime
Police officers the world over are able to do things the rest of us can't, even the super-rich. Often they are above the law, often, but not always.
The police have a privilege money can't buy, which is why the man who shot and killed Mark Duggan last year has not been identified, and probably never will be, officially, much less held to account.
Some police officers think they can get away with murder, they may be right, but serial murder? Not this time. Manny Pardo joined the Florida Highway Patrol as a young man, and although not a high flyer he could have made a decent living for himself while doing something worthwhile. Instead he was allowed to resign quietly after playing footloose and fancy free with his paperwork, something that in the UK would almost certainly have seen him end up in court.
Then, using a similar manouvre to that executed by Simon Harwood, he found himself back in uniform, and would shortly wreak havoc.
Pardo murdered no less than nine people over a four month period in 1986, three of them women. Unlike most serial killers who kill from some sort of perverted sexual motive or simply for the thrill, Pardo appears to have been on a crusade against the people he considered unworthy of living. Unlike sexual sadist Ted Bundy, when he was brought to book he didn't try to wriggle out of his predicament but boasted of his crimes. And like Bundy, he had his fan club.
Pardo's lawyers argued that he was insane, and that this should somehow exempt him from execution. This is a spurious argument; it was not that Pardo didn't know right from wrong, rather that his idea of right and wrong was fundamentally different from society's, and for that he paid the ultimate price, although it remains to be seen why he sat on death row for two decades before the State of Florida got round to killing him.
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