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article imageUnited Nations unveils the 'Malala Plan' education fund

By Can Tran     Dec 11, 2012 in World
The United Nations and the Pakistani government, on International Human Rights Day, has unveiled a global education fund called the "Malala Plan."
While 15-year-old Malala Yousufzai, survived a gunshot to the head by a Taliban gunman, she has become a martyr and hero to the cause of getting more girls across the world let alone in the Middle East to be enrolled in school and to seek higher education. Due to being a young up and coming women's rights activist, Malala has become a target of the Taliban and other Islamic extremists who are vowing to make sure girls don't go to school let alone pursue higher education. Asides from being a hero in Pakistan, Malala has become a voice for women's rights across the world.
Khalid Mehmood, a Labour MP, led the call to nominate Malala for a Nobel Peace Prize. He was supported by the Send My Friend to School campaign. According to Mahmood, it's crucial to give Malala serious recognition. In Pakistan, the National Assembly adopted a resolution to ask the government to make Malala “Pakistan's Daughter.” In this respect, what happened to Malala strengthened the women's rights movement across the world let alone in the Middle East.
Hillary Clinton, who announced plans to resign as United States Secretary of State, also had things to say about Malala. Clinton attended a UNESCO event in Paris, France for International Human Rights Day. When speaking out in support for Malala, Clinton gave a video message. She made her case for education for young girls.
The “Malala Plan,” which is an education fund, has been unveiled. This is a joint effort between the United Nations and the Pakistani government. Pakistan's president Asif Ali Zadari has announced of funding millions of dollars into the plan. Under this plan, more girls will be motivated into enrolling into schools by the end of 2015.
Zadari is the husband of the late-Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto was assassinated several years ago.
However, this can be difficult to utilize the plan let alone in Pakistan. This is due to the Taliban continuously attacking and bombing schools. Also, one has to factor the security situation in the country. 1,500+ schools have been damaged by Taliban bombings so far as of 2008.
In regards to the Malala Plan, Malala's father Ziauddin Yousufzai is going to play a very active role in its implementation. Malala's father has currently been named as the United Nations special adviser on global education. He will be working with former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Brown is currently the UN Special Envoy for Global Education.
Brown said that Malala's fathers has the qualities for this position. He talked about Yousufzai's credentials as an educator, a parent, and so forth.
Asides from this education fund being set up, the UN hope to make a special day out of July 12 which is Malala's birthday. On July 12, Malala will be 16. They hope to make July 12 the day where children across the world are allowed to participate in marches and demonstrations to deliver education to all parts of the world.
Currently, Malala is still in Great Britain recovering.
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