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article imageDick Armey blasts both the Republican Party & Tea Party Movement

By Can Tran     Dec 10, 2012 in Politics
Former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas, who recently resigned from FreedomWorks, gave words of criticism to the GOP and Tea Party Republicans.
Former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey has definitely been in the headlines as of late. Armey can be considered one of the driving forces of the Tea Party Movement due to the conservative-leaning organization called FreedomWorks. FreedomWorks has been known as being one of the organizational arms of the Tea Party Movement. Voice actor DC Douglas, known as voicing Albert Wesker from Capcom's recent “Resident Evil” games, has been a known opponent of FreedomWorks and Dick Armey. This stemmed from Douglas getting fired from a voice role for GEICO due to pressure from angry members of the Tea Party.
Since then, Douglas has been a vocal critic of the Tea Party Movement let alone Freedom Works and Dick Armey. Due to being an actor, Douglas does what he does best: perform. Since then, Douglas has made all sorts of satirical videos that lampoons the Tea Party Movement.
Dick Armey was one of the co-chairmen of FreedomWorks. He's also one of the founders for FreedomWorks. Before running FreedomWorks, Armey was part of the US House of Representatives as the majority leader of the GOP. Recently, Armey had split from FreedomWorks. Armey's reason was that the group wasn't going in a “productive direction.” However, this isn't the end of things.
Today, Armey was on “CBS This Morning.” Armey had equal criticism for both the Republican Party and the Tea Party-backed candidates. While the GOP managed to retain control of the US House of Representatives, it failed to take control of the White House and the US Senate. In these races, the GOP suffered major losses. Armey criticized the GOP establishment for the heavy losses in the election races.
But, that's not all the criticism Armey had left. He criticized Republican candidates for saying “stupid things.” While Armey didn't name any names, it is obvious that he was referring to Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock who lost their respective US Senate races in Missouri and Indiana. Akin and Mourdock were demonized after they made their respective comments about “legitimate rape” and “rape baby as part of God's plan.”
In a Mother Jones article, it reports on Armey's reason for splitting with the Tea Party. According to Armey, there was a lack of transparency. This comes from a report by the Sunlight Foundation. According to the Sunlight Foundation, that two “mystery companies” donated $12+ million to FreedomWorks. The two companies were known as Specialty Group, Inc. and Pike Development LLC. However, it's unknown what the function of those companies are.
Armey, saying he had no idea about where the donations originally came from, quit his position in FreedomWorks. While Armey has accused FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe of not handing funds appropriately, Kibbe defensively said that it's also the first time he's heard about the donations. Back to Armey and his words for Tea Party candidates, he wasn't the only one that had harsh words of criticism.
Michael Barone, a conservative columnist and American Enterprise Institute, spoke at Hillsdale College as part of the Kirby Center Lecture Series. Barone was addressing the Electoral College. But, he also addressed the losses by the GOP. His comments about those elections echo that of Dick Armey.
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who is due to lead the GOP Governors Association in 2013, called for the GOP to stop being the “party of stupid.” He said that being the party that's anti-Obama wasn't getting the Republican Party anywhere.
Back to Kibbe and FreedomWorks, they are learning from President Barack Obama's re-election and gearing up for the 2014 US Elections. In 2014, there are many Senate, House, and governor elections. According to Kibbe, the campaign for Obama took its messages one step further. FreedomWorks wishes to do the same thing in preparation for 2014. This shows that the Tea Party Movement let alone FreedomWorks is re-evaluating itself.
However, this may seem easier said than done. It will depend on how the Tea Party Movement actively takes part in the political process and how well they can translate their ideas for smaller government.
At the same time, the Republican National Committee (RNC) is reassessing itself after sustaining losses in the elections. Recently, it has formed a new committee called the Growth and Opportunity Project. This will be the arm of the RNC which is tasked with keeping what works, tossing away with didn't work, and making suggestions of what will work in the future. It will be headed by Henry Barbour, Zori Fonalledas, Glenn McCall, Sally Bradshaw, and Ari Fleischer.
It shows that both the GOP and the Tea Party Movement are gearing up for 2014. However, the question is: How well are they able to prepare. The GOP is currently divided on the whole “fiscal cliff” issue. Also, one has to look at the current relationship between the mainstream GOP and the Tea Party Republicans.
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