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article imageRFK Jr. says Fox News caused worst divisiveness since Civil War

By JohnThomas Didymus     Dec 9, 2012 in Politics
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., said in a Friday interview with HuffPost Live, that Fox News has divided Americans in a way not seen since the Civil War. In his opinion, the two biggest problems in US politics are "big money" and "right wing control of media."
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the nephew of John F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy.
He was responding to a question about the changes he perceives in the US political landscape. According to The Huffington Post, he said:
"There’s two things happening. One is the influence of big money in politics, and the other is the right-wing control of the American media, particularly starting with Fox News. 95 percent of talk radio in our country is right-wing... so a whole section of our country that that’s what they’re hearing. They wake up in the morning, when they go to bed at night.
"Twenty-two percent of Americans say their primary news source is Fox News. I think that that has, that has, it's divided our country in a way that we haven't been divided probably since the Civil War, and that it’s empowered these large corporations to get certain kinds of politicians and ideologues who are in the United States Congress elected - the Tea Party ideologues who control the Republican Party."
Kennedy, who is an attorney specializing in environmental law, also spoke about the health risks and costs of the practice of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") in the oil exploration industry.
Kennedy has come under fire from the so-called "right-wing media."
Newbusters comments: "This is pretty hysterical considering President Obama met with representatives from MSNBC Tuesday to discuss tax policy. It seems a metaphysical certitude Kennedy doesn't see anything wrong with that."
Reddit users also contributed a few insightful comments.
EverythingSunny comments:
"People are able to choose news sources and information sources that reaffirm their pre-existing beliefs. Ironically the Internet has made it easier for people to live in their own self-contained information bubble. Reddit itself is a classic example of this, and in many ways we are just as bad as fox news is. We're seeing a huge rift form because everyone is using information to win arguments instead of drawing conclusions."
"When you have a educational system that tells you to conform to religion and patriotism above all else, coupled with religious institutions given priority to preach theories that have no merit and no substance to be in any form other than ridicule in educational books for children, you are going to end up with a clusterf**k that is like the US. I cant imagine a worse way to raise a child then to tell him to conform to others beliefs and never question them even if they make no sense whatsoever."
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