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Video: Porn actress turn to pop music in 'We Are The Party'

By Can Tran     Dec 9, 2012 in Entertainment
The line between mainstream pop music and adult entertainment gets blurred with the release of the debut single by The Ex-Girlfriends, led by pornographic actress Little Lupe, called "We Are The Party."
Within the last several years, the line between mainstream and adult entertainment has blurred. You have adult actresses having minor to major parts in various mainstream movies. For example, porn actresses such as Jenna Haze had a very minor role in “Crank 2” starring Jason Statham. There was “The Girlfriend Experience” which starred Sasha Grey who played the role of an escort who documented her life and profession during 2008 leading up to the 2008 United States Presidential Elections. In “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,” Jenna Jameson did the voice of the porn actress Candy Suxxx. Porn actress Heather Hunter transitioned into a hip-hop singer.
Apparently, it seems that adult entertainment and the pop music genre have merged. You may or may not have ended up getting a random pop-up ad out of nowhere. The pop up ad was a way of advertising the debut single of this all-girl pop group called “The Ex-Girlfriends.” However, one shouldn't get this group mixed up with a currently existing all-female band called “Ex-Girlfriend.”
The Ex-Girlfriends is seemingly led by porn actress Lupe Fuentes who also goes by the name “Little Lupe.” According to the group's website, the Ex-Girlfriends consists of Lupe, four other girls, a DJ, and their “bunny mascot.” It is explained that the person wearing the mascot suit as Hollywood actor Danny Trejo who has played in notable movies such as “Machete,” “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Con-Air,” “Desperado,” “Predators,” etc. Besides Lupe, the other four members are: Smash, Baby J, Dee-Love, and Tee-Money.
It is explained that those members have a resume of being either dancers and/or choreographers for major musical artists. In this respect, Fuentes is the only member to have a past in adult entertainment.
However, it's not known on the level of success the group will receive. On the group's YouTube page, the video for the debut single called “We Are The Party” has received a little over 208K in views since its upload on November 29. Apparently, the reception has been more negative than positive. While there are 3,100+ likes, there are almost 5,200+ dislikes.
On its iTunes page, the single got some positive reception. Keep in mind that there are only 16 ratings at the moment.
In a entry on the blog called “Today's Pop Music,” dated December 4, the author also received a pop-up ad in which the music video for the debut song. The entry said that the production wasn't bad. However, the blog post's author said that Fuentes' voice made what was supposed to be a catchy song become unbearable to listen to.
Apparently, the author didn't know about Fuentes' career as a porn actress as there was no mention of it in the blog post.
In short, this is an example on how the line between adult entertainment and mainstream pop music has made a blur. Currently, you can download the song from Apple iTunes for $.99. This is one of those songs that you can either love or hate. Reception is rather mixed. While on YouTube, the reception is more negative, the group's Facebook page has over 20,000 likes.
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