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article imageVideo: 'Phantom Pain' video game trailer

By Can Tran     Dec 9, 2012 in Entertainment
The trailer for the game "Phantom Pain" had its world premiere at the Spike TV Video Game Awards of 2012. However, there is speculation that the game is actually "Metal Gear Solid 5" in development.
Friday night, on December 7, Spike TV had its annual “Video Game Awards.” Trailers for many future games were shown. One such trailer is for this game called “Phantom Pain.” The game is developed by the game studio called Moby Dick. However, the release date and storyline is currently unknown at the moment. It seems that you are some patient that is recovering from some sort of injury. While in recovery, the hospital gets attached by an unknown military or private mercenary force. The soldiers start killing patients and employees alike.
At the moment, it is unknown if or when the game is going to be released. While the trailer is available, the project could get scrapped at any given time. It was like that with Capcom when it was working on its 2.5D fighting game called “Capcom Fighting All-Stars.”
While not much is known about the game, there is speculation that Phantom Pain could be “Metal Gear Solid 5” secretly in development. There are many taking to the Internet to discuss this possibility. Obvious clues is that the person who seems to be the main character has a beard and a mullet similar to what Solid Snake of the “Metal Gear” series has. Also, one important clue pointed out is the scar on the man's right cheek in the video when compared to the scar on a photo of Solid Snake.
In one YouTube video, there is speculation that Moby Dick is perhaps a front for Konami which is the developer and publisher of the Metal Gear series.
At the moment, it's unknown of Phantom Pain is going to be its own game or is it some major hint that is a video of Metal Gear Solid 5 secretly in development. This is the first time the trailer has premiered, perhaps more videos will be streamed in the near future that gives anticipating MGS fans a clue on what's really going on.
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