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article imageBelgian terror alert over 'The Innocent Prophet' film (preview)

By Anne Sewell     Dec 8, 2012 in World
Belgium has heightened its terror alert level to three out of a possible four, ahead of the release of yet another highly controversial, Prophet Muhammed-related film.
The film, "The Innocent Prophet: Life of Muhammad from the Point of View of an Ex-Muslim," has been made by Pakistan national Imran Firasat, a former Muslim now living in Spain, reportedly in cooperation with the notorious Koran-burning US pastor Terry Jones.
After the recent worldwide protests over "The Innocence of Muslims", yet another anti-Muslim film could cause controversy all over again.
In the film's trailer (above), Firasat says, "If we want to know the truth of Islam, we must go deep into the life of Muhammad to find out whether he was a genuine prophet sent by God or was he simply a child molester, assassin and a self-proclaimed prophet."
The filmmaker also claims that Pastor Terry Jones is his inspiration, and Jones wrote on his website, "It is our hope and desire that we can present a picture of Muhammad that has possibly not been revealed in the past, that will help people in the Western world, and even Muslims, to better understand this person called Muhammad, his life and teachings.”
Jones is well known for his anti-Islam speeches, and for staging a 'Koran-burning day' on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.
Initially, Firasat was set to release the film on December 14, 2012. However, after hearing news in the media of the terror alert in Belgium, he has decided to postpone the release until he has shown the film to authorities to ensure that the film is covered by freedom of expression. He does not wish to film to cause any loss to humanity in any way.
Belgian Interior Minister Joelle Milquet said the decision by a terror analysis and coordination unit was “a simple preventative measure,” and that the level of threat was up to three, out of a maximum of four.
The YouTube description under the preview of the film reads as follows:
"Behind making this movie my soul objective was to reveal the other side of reality of Muhammad and Islam, which I think, is a noble cause for the humanity and is also my right of freedom of expression. But I never had intentions to incite violence or offend religious sentiments deliberately. I don't want people to have fear in their hearts or governments to apply high terror alert in their countries because of me. I don´t want to be remembered as a man who is responsible for loss of lives and properties."
"That is why I have decided to postpone temporarily the release of movie until I show it first to the authorities and get the assurance that there is nothing in this movie which doesn't fall under the right of freedom of expression and that my movie will not cause any kind of loss to humanity. The necessary modification will be also made if requested by the authorities."
"But the delay doesn't mean that I am afraid of Islamic violence, neither have I lost my right of freedom of expression. It´s all about the respect which I have in my heart towards Europe which is my family, and my deep love for Spain which is my home. I apologize to the Belgian people for the inconvenience they are facing because of my movie plan. I assure them that I will never do anything which hurt them. But on the other hand they should also understand that if we lose our right of freedom of expression, we lose our democracy and western values."
"I will always stand firmly with my opinion that Islam is an extreme danger to the society and we should make aware people about its whole reality, but of course not on the price of human lives. I will be back to you soon with the new release date after consulting with the authorities."
In the description, Firasat quotes his website as being (Mundo sin Islam meaning world without Islam in English). However it is interesting to note that this website is not currently available.
The recent release of a preview of "The Innocence of Muslims" on YouTube caused worldwide protests and violence, including some loss of life. The Belgian government raised the terror alert in case the same uproar emanates from the latest anti-Muslim film.
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