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article imageWatch magician Yann Frisch perform amazing sleight-of-hand trick

By JohnThomas Didymus     Dec 8, 2012 in Entertainment
Watch this unbelievable sleight-of-hand trick by French magician Yann Frisch, with open-mouthed amazement. Frisch is a specialist in the genre of stage trick he calls "Baltass," and he has spent years perfecting his routine.
He performed his latest version of "Baltass" at the 2012 Beijing International Magic Convention. The award-winning French magician took the title at the convention effortlessly.
"Baltass" as MSN Now explains, is a combination of the French words "ball" and "cup." You may rewind the video as often as you wish, run it again in slow motion, scrutinize every move, the mystery remains.
There isn't much to say except concur with The Blaze that this is one guy you would never want to play cards with, the "type of guy who could rob Peter to pay Paul even if the person’s name was Peter Paul. In other words, hide all your valuables when you get around him. "
Just enjoy Frisch's performance, don't strain yourself trying to uncover the mystery of his "balls" and "cups." It looks more like a job for a crack team of FBI and CIA video analysts.
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