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article imageVideo: Husky dog communicates with human baby

By JohnThomas Didymus     Dec 8, 2012 in Internet
A YouTube video emerged last week that many agree appears to show a husky dog and a baby in conversation. First posted to YouTube last year, the video reemerged recently and went viral, receiving over 6 million views and thousands of "likes."
There seems a natural convergence between a dog's howling language and a baby's babbling that set the two going much to the delight of millions of online viewers.
But of course, perspectives differ about what baby Lexi and the husky Angel are really doing. To some it appears the two are having a conversation:
jesfair says:"This is really awesome. I think really the baby is imitating the dog."
mrblujet said: "It would be funny if they could really understand what they were saying to one another."
Others viewers such as user "00101011001" think the dog is trying to tell the cameraman to take the smelly baby away, suggesting he has soiled his diapers.
Others take a dim view of the entire affair. Lemwanks says "Another stupid video. When I am trying to communicate with someone, I look at that person. The dog was communicating with the cameramen."
Ryan Lasello's view is radically different: "This is a clear reproduction of the 2012 presidential debates."
But judging from the timing, it does appear that the dog's howling imitates the baby's babbling, or possibly the reverse, the baby imitating the dog's howling.
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