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article imageWorst video on Internet 'Spartan High School Style' goes viral

By JohnThomas Didymus     Dec 7, 2012 in Internet
The video, "Spartan High School Style," that parodies Psy's "Gangnam Style," has been universally acclaimed the worst video ever in the history of the Internet after having received l million views and over 20,000 dislikes on YouTube.
The video produced by a student of the Garden Spot High School, Pennsylvania, showcases the worst case of artistic license you will ever see. The singer takes the liberty to change the name and words of the original song and sings so out of time and tune that the Daily Mail was forced to wonder whether she had ever heard the original version.
The video, a four-minute, 18-second-video, is a hack job, even for a parody. How much of the video is genuine parody and how much is the result of the gargantuan ineptitude of the producers is moot, but one thing is certain, this video will contribute nothing to improving the image of the school, rather the students have set their school on a roller coaster ride to infamy as the school that produced the worst video in the entire history of the Internet.
According to The Huffington Post, the video started as a project by a student who must not be named, and was posted to YouTube before Thanksgiving. Bostinno declared the video the worst video in the entire Internet:
"I (very, very regrettably) watched Spartan High School Style. I assure you, it is indeed the worst video in the entire Internet, possibly the history of the Internet. In an office where no horrible video goes unseen, I remain the only person to make it through this atrocity. For your viewing pleasure, I introduce Spartan High School Style. For your reading pleasure, I broke it down."
The video is so bad that the YouTube user who posted it online, Cym4Tic, had to scream a disclaimer to viewers: "THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO. This is from my high school. And I hate my high school, so no shame. Feel free to hate it and share it with the world!"
Worst video in Internet history:  Spartan High School Style   Gangnam Style parody
Worst video in Internet history: "Spartan High School Style," Gangnam Style parody
The only scene in video that remotely approaches a redeeming moment is the off-key "Heeeeyyy lunchh lady" chorus scene in which a cafeteria worker hails her audience with a winding dance. The Lunch Lady has been proclaimed the "star" of the video.
The students of Garden Spot High School do the famous "gangnam style" gallop as though they wore millstone and lead weight shackles on their ankles.
A comment on Reddit: "This video is so horrible I feel like just wandering off into the wilderness to spend the rest of my days alone in a cave."
Another Reddit user said: "This video could have stopped Hitler at Munich."
Yet another Redditor commented: "I have never wanted to burn down a high school as much as I want to now."
Spartan High School Style
Spartan High School Style
Garden Spot High school students are not alone in the YouTube debacle. They are joined by their proud teachers and coaches, and, yes, the school principal who does his version of the "gangnam" horse gallop.
According to the Intelligencer Journal, the lyrics of the song were replaced by inspirational words about school spirit, doing your best and living by the Spartan moral code, but performed in the most un-Spartanly manner imaginable.
But the school members who featured in the video are baffled at the reaction to their do-it-yourself project. Their reaction seems to say "well, really, we aren't professionals at this." But it appears the school principal, Matthew Sanger, wouldn't have been surprised if someone told him the video just won a Grammy. According to the Intelligencer Journal, he said: "We thought she did a great job with it. It's about school-wide unity. It ties into our Spartan language about doing what's right, doing your best and doing for others. It's a parody in a positive way. We decided to embrace it and see the good in it. W'ere letting it roll and we'll see where it goes."
Spartan High School Style
Spartan High School Style
You won't believe it when Dean Eli Cox, a student, says he had no idea what gangnam was so he did an "MC Hammer imitation, or some variation of that." Dean added: "It's amazing the turn it's taken. I'm onto really concerned with what other people think who sit around making fun of people putting themselves out there."
And you've got to feel sorry for members of the school's football team who allowed themselves to be dragged into the project. The probably thought their school was putting together a "cool" video.
Great effort guys.
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