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article imageVideo: MMA as an alternative therapy method for PTSD

By Can Tran     Dec 6, 2012 in World
As a means to treat people let alone veterans that suffer from PTSD, there is the possibility of MMA as an alternative form of therapy.
PTSD, short for post-traumatic stress disorder, is a psychological condition that many don't want to really talk about. That leads to the problem of making PTSD more difficult to treat. One can end up getting PTSD in many different ways. The most common way to be diagnosed with PTSD if you are an armed serviceman and have seen warfare. PTSD is one of the biggest social and military issues in the United States.
In an article in SF Gate, a study has been conducted on how men and women in the service react to fear. The study was conducted by Sabra Inslicht who is a staff psychologist working at the San Francisco VA Medical Center.
Recently, there has been news of a class action lawsuit filed by the Vietnam Veterans of America against the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. According to the lawsuit, veterans of the Vietnam War suffered PTSD before it was recognized. The plaintiffs said that because the condition was not yet recognized, they were not granted honorable discharges and therefore are not legally entitled to compensation and other benefits.
Furthermore, according to the lawsuit, the military has refused to review their statuses.
In a Salon article, thirty-one percent of those working in security corrections suffer from PTSD. It also said that a little over fourteen percent of New York firefighters also suffer from PTSD. The Salon article talked about how working in prisons can present a constantly unsafe workplace. To that extent, it can be comparable to the unsafe environment when deployed to war. It also adds that corrections officers are exposed to more life-threatening dangers than law enforcement personnel over time.
There's also the cases of PTSD that stemmed from the events of 9/11. In a New York Times article dated August 9, 2011, at least 10,000 people suffer from PTSD due to the 9/11 attacks.
These are examples of how one can get PTSD due to conditions at work or something that happened while on the job. However, there are other events that can happen to cause one to suffer from PTSD such as being a rape victim, being a robbery victim, etc.
With PTSD, there's discussion on how to treat it. In an article on, there is a study that recommends specific therapies for PTSD vets. As reported In a recent CNN article, the drug known as Ecstasy is being used as one method of treatment.
Now, mixed martial arts (MMA) is being used as a means to help people let alone veterans suffering from PTSD. In the past, MMA was an underground sport that was known as “no holds barred” (NHB) in the early years of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. The UFC went through a lot of changes to keep the sport from being completely banned in the United States. Since the first season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” MMA has become a mainstream sport.
Asides from the UFC, you have Bellator and the all-female promotion called Invicta FC. In a CNN segment, it focused on the American Pankration Academy located in Tempe, Arizona. The main focus was on Kyle Dubay who trains at the APA. Dubay is an Iraq War veteran who had served three tours of duty. In service, Dubay worked as a combat medic.
As Dubay said, in the CNN video, his chest gets filled with negative energy. While it builds up, he didn't know how to get rid of it. That's where the MMA training comes in. As a result, it brings up the possibility as MMA as an alternative form of therapy. According to the CNN video, the owner of the APA trains a lot of veterans.
In a video on YouTube, it seems that Dubay has found someone. That someone is Amanda Sonday. The two of them had met at the APA.
Another CNN video gives a similar PTSD story. This is of Cassie Crisano who was diagnosed with PTSD from the workplace as a police officer. It stemmed from seeing her partner get shot in the head while on a call.
While there are people with PTSD turning to MMA as an outlet, it is unknown if it will be really explored as a method of alternative therapy in the future. If that is the case, that requires an infrastructure to be built.
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