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article imagePizza Hut Canada makes limited edition perfume

By Can Tran     Dec 6, 2012 in Food
What originally started out as a gag ended up becoming a reality as Pizza Hut Canada introduced a limited edition Pizza Hut Perfume to 110 lucky winners.
As a means to always be fresh and to maintain a healthy consumer base, restaurant chains come up with many different ideas. There are plenty of ideas that can be considered as “off the wall.” One example would be the fast food chains that have expanded into Japan. For the fall season, Burger King Japan introduced the limited edition BK Pumpkin with is a burger with bacon and sliced pumpkin. McDonald's Japan has recently introduced its special burger in which the patty is a fried croquette with the inside consisting of white sauce, shrimp, and macaroni. However, Japan's not the only country to come up with “bizarre” ideas.
Recently, for the Winter season, Japan Airlines has announced it would introduce Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) as the airline meal on select fights outbound from Japan to North American or Europe.
Even Pizza Hut is known to come up with interesting ideas. The Canadian branch of Pizza Hut has recently introduced something that is “strange.” This is not food related. However, Pizza Hut Canada did not introduce this thing for the sake of introducing things. What is this thing that Pizza Hut Canada has introduced? It has introduced a limited edition Pizza Hut perfume.
Originally, this started out as a gag. However, it wasn't Pizza Hut Canada that came up with the gag. It was an advertisement firm named Grip Limited, that works with the Canadian branch, that came up with the idea and floated it on the Facebook page. In turn, there were thousands of responses as reported by the Christian Science Monitor. As a result, the concept got many likes and Facebook fans. Due to the buzz generated, they went ahead and created bottles of the Pizza Hut perfume which smells like pizza.
However, you can't simply buy the perfume. You win a bottle of perfume as a prize. To win, you simply share your “desire” for the perfume. However, there are only 110 bottles available. It's unknown if or when Pizza Hut Canada will create more bottles of this pizza scented perfume in the future. For the time being, only 110 “lucky winners” will receive a bottle.
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