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article imageReview: Perez Caballero Design is a creative company with fresh ideas Special

By Anthony Carranza     Dec 5, 2012 in Technology
Minneapolis - The Perez Caballero Design works through the Google Business Photos program and services businesses in the Twin Cities to advertise and market their services with better search results.
The local creative design company based in Minneapolis like all startups brews innovative ideas by working with technology companies like Google. To be relevant in almost any business sector its essential to have a presence on the web today. The Google Business Photos (GBP) initiative offers unique opportunities for businesses to advertise online through search results and is enhanced with the handy work of local talented photographers.
The search giant through its “Trusted Photographers” certification program allows organizations from any industry not just to be found through search results, but have available professional looking photos of their establishment for potential customers. The content-a street view photo or photographs from inside the business- becomes immediately available in Google Maps listing and Google Places pages.
All of this information allows clients to get an initial impression of the service you provide and what the place actually looks like. Its an efficient channel that is sometimes frequently overlooked but its practically necessary for anyone who lives by what the web says about any given company.
Perez Caballero design is a young creative company ready to take any challenge. Whether it is an awe...
Perez Caballero design is a young creative company ready to take any challenge. Whether it is an awesome photo shoot for your small business, or an identity change for your brand.
Perez Caballero Design
“Google Business photos is a no-brainer. Google search engine is number one in the world. Whenever a person is looking for a business, a dealership or a restaurant they are going to see your reviews, said Google Trusted Photographer Andres Caballero. “Based on what they find they are going to start looking at your pictures before walking through your doors. More of a reason to attract through the virtual tour-after all said and done-chances are they end paying you a visit.”
Caballero enrolled into the GBP program in August, 2012 and is one of a few photographers in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) working diligently as an independent contractor for Google. When asked what are some of the insights to the business he asserted that companies looking for marketing and advertising avenues this is the next step. If you're interested in more information about the services of Perez Caballero Design please click here.
The company has an independent working relationship, but these collaborations allow for young professionals to expand their portfolio. Caballero's company has other products like logos, graphic design and professional photography. The company has worked with some local companies like Matt's Bar, Diva Rag and Suave Clothing, Las Rosas, Windows Outfitters, Inc and more coming soon.
A YouTube video can be found here for clearer explanations what the program entails.
Google Maps-Virtual Visit for Professional
The information about the program is extensive with details on: Presentation, Learn more, Testimonials and Frequently Asked Asked questions. Click here for more details.
An excerpt of what the process looks like:
“This is how it works, we come to your place in the morning and take photographs of your business which we then turn into a virtual tour. Once the virtual tour is done, we take 10-15 additional pictures of the inside of your business and post them online along with the virtual tour on Google search results, Google Maps, and your Google+ local page. I think your business would look amazing, and it could attract more customers! You can Google "Matt's Bar mn" and see how the option "See Inside" is added, along with 15 professionally taken pictures.”
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