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article imageSarah Palin: Obama's bringing Communism to the States soon

By Can Tran     Dec 4, 2012 in Politics
Former GOP governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, when on Fox News, called Obama a socialist and warned that he would bring Communism to the US soon.
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the VP candidate to GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona in 2008, is back at it with her attacks on United States President Barack Obama. Shortly before Election Day, Palin gave her endorsement to Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney who was the chosen GOP nominee. After Obama got re-elected, Palin was on the news questioning why people voted for him instead of Romney. Since then, Palin hasn't been in the media much let alone deliver attacks against Obama and the rest of the Democrats.
Even after McCain lost in 2008, Palin was still active. In the wake of the Affordable Health Care Act, which is dubbed “Obamacare,” there was the rise in a group of very fiscally conservative Republicans calling themselves the Tea Party Movement. Palin, along with Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann, became the political faces of the Tea Party. However, Palin slowly started to fade away from the political spotlight. According to a December 3 article on The Atlantic, it seems that Palin is still relevant to politics in some sort of way. According to the search engine Yahoo, Sarah Palin was the third most searched politician of the year. However, Google Trends shows that traffic for Palin has declined a lot.
When on Fox News Monday Night, Palin called Obama a “socialist.” This was due to part of the fiscal cliff solution where there is a standoff between the Republicans and Democrats. Also, it's an internal standoff between a growing number of Republicans and anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist. Norquist is the president of the Americans for Tax Reform.
Palin accused US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner of presenting a dangerous proposal. She said that it was scary given Obama's “socialist views” in general. When on TV, Palin took this opportunity to launch an attack on Obama claiming he believes in socialism, redistribution, taking hard earned money from small businesses, etc.
In regards to the fiscal cliff, Palin is taking Norquist's side in the matter. She was calling some of the GOP members “wusses” for talking about their willingness to violate the pledge. According to CNN, Palin apologized for those remarks.
With regards to Obama, Palin warned that he would bring Communism into the United States' future. In an article on The Hill, various conservative groups attacked Obama. Such groups include Heritage Action for America and Americans for Prosperity.
There is a possibility that Palin could become relevant within the next year. After the 2012 Elections, there are the 2014 Elections coming up where there will be governor, US Senate, and US House elections. Norquist said that if the nation gets pushed over the “fiscal cliff,” it will give birth to “Tea Party Two” which will dwarf “Tea Party One.”
If that happens, perhaps Palin might end up being a political face of it.
When on MSNBC, Norquist said that Obama “played his hand too much.” Asides from criticizing possibly dissenting Republicans, Norquist did have plenty of ammunition left to use against President Obama.
However, Norquist might be wrong with the “birth of Tea Party 2.” A Washington Post blog talks about what's happened with the Tea Party as of late. The first thing it listed was Dick Armey, the former GOP House Majority Leader, splitting with Freedom Works. Armey was one of the major figures of the group. Apparently, the split was caused by internal factors.
There was the defeat of GOP incumbent Allen West who was running for re-election as a US Representative from Florida. West got support from the Tea Party. Recently, he conceded to Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy.
Whatever happens will highly likely play a factor in setting up the political stage for 2014.
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