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How to turn your blog into a money-making multi-author website Special

By Lesley Lanir     Dec 3, 2012 in Internet
Are you feeling a little lonesome on your blog or website and want to turn it into a multi-author site but think it’s too big a project? A new Ebook has come out that shows you it is much easier than you think.
The new Ebook, Turn Your WordPress Blog into a Multi-Author Website in Just One Weekend! is a concise, informative and fun to read guide about easily and quickly changing your blog into a multi-author website with the possibilities of everyone making some money.
Victoria Nicks
The author, United States Air Force Veteran, Victoria Nicks, has 20 years of experience with various types of technology, training, and technical support. She has been a freelance writer for 4 years. Digital Journal contacted Vicky about why she wanted to publish such a book.
What was your incentive for publishing this Ebook?
I wrote this Ebook for my fellow writers. There are so many gifted writers out there who feel trapped between blogging and content sites, and I wanted them to see how easy it is to create their own niche site.
Why would writers need an Ebook like this though?
Many writers who are working for content sites already have their own blogs so they have some WordPress skills, but the general perception is, blogging is for freedom but not money, and content sites are for money and not freedom. I feel there’s a third option – create your own niche site, and invite like-minded writers to join in and write for the site. Not only will your fellow writers thank you for rescuing them from the obscurity of another floundering general-interest content site, but your readers will thank you – and Google will thank you as well.
Ebook by Victoria Nicks
Ebook by Victoria Nicks
Victoria Nicks
If someone does decide to do this, why do they need to aim for niche sites?
A website that has a well-focused niche, in an area that you are passionate about or have expertise in, for which you can provide a constant flow of content, will increase in rank, page views, and revenue. I run my own multi-author niche site, and I am the Editor in Chief of another niche website – both of which are new, but thriving. I also manage a few other niche sites that are just starting out as well - it’s not really that difficult to run (and make money from) your own website, but you can’t earn until you start it up.
Tell us about your niche site.
I started Decoded Science in the spring of 2011, with a few intrepid fellow writers and a lot of ambition. I knew very little about operating a multi-author site at that time, and blundered around quite a bit before I found the winning formula. My own website, Decoded Science, now has an Alexa raking of just over 25,000 in the US, and is successful financially as well.
Since I’ve tried and tested so many plugins and processes to get to the point where everything is easy and smooth for the multi-author sites I manage, I thought I’d put it all down on paper, so to speak, to save everyone else all the trouble.
This Ebook is meant to make it as easy as possible – and although the title says ‘One Weekend’ – realistically, it could be much much less for anyone who has basic knowledge of WordPress. I, for example, can turn a blog into a multi-author website in an hour or two, depending on the current state of the site. If you’re comfortable with WordPress, you can expect to spend about the same length of time.
Is Turn Your WordPress Blog into a Multi-Author Website in Just One Weekend! your first Ebook?
No, I recently published an Ebook called, Get Your Website in Google News – another guide written to show my fellow writers how truly simple it is to share in the page views and increased payouts that result from getting into the Google News stream. The only problem? You have to be a multi-author website to apply – which led directly to my current book. With these two Ebooks, any WordPress blogger can convert his or her blog into a multi-author website, then get accepted into Google News, and reap the many benefits of both.
Any future projects in mind?
Yes, my next project, which I’m also undertaking for my fellow web writers, is coming as a result of seeing the simple optimization errors that cost bloggers hundreds and even thousands of dollars in lost revenue. A few simple changes I recommended to one site just this week resulted in a daily revenue increase from around 5$ per day to around 40$ per day – that’s huge, and I want to make sure that all bloggers have the tools to take advantage of my experience, without having to pay my normal hourly consultation rate.
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