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article imageBDSM comes to Harvard as 'Harvard College Munch' is approved

By Can Tran     Dec 2, 2012 in World
Cambridge - Harvard now has a BDSM club as "Harvard College Munch" was one of the 15 independent student organizations to receive official recognition.
Recently, Harvard University's Committee on Student Life approved fifteen new student organizations. Independent student organizations have to comply with simple requirements such as having an organizational constitution, agreeing to not discriminate, and agreeing not to haze members. In terms of student organizations, Harvard has over 400 of them. Normally, the approval of independent student organizations isn't something that would make the news unless it was something major. One of the 15 approved independent organizations, called “Harvard College Munch,” definitely made headlines due to the nature of this club.
Currently, there are thirty members of Harvard College Munch. The founder goes by the name of simply Michael as a means to hide his identity and protect his privacy. For the most part, due to the nature of Harvard College Munch, it is perfectly understandable. This is perhaps the best way to make sure that Michael and none of the other Harvard College Munch falls victim to bullying or cyber-bullying in which the latter has become increasingly problematic. Within the last few years, there have been suicides linked to cyber-bullying.
What is Harvard College Munch anyway?
Could it be a student organization dedicated to the sweet crunchy popcorn snack called “Crunch 'n Munch?” Could it be an organization dedicated to the character known as Detective John Munch who has appeared in several series by Dick Wolf such as “Law and Order?”
The answer is none of the above.
Harvard College Munch is an independent student organization that brings together members through one affinity: kinky sex. This group is about the culture and scene of BDSM. In an article from the Harvard Crimson, it is said that Harvard College Munch tried to get recognition last semester but was unable to.
The Harvard Crimson reported on this back in February. Several people, who went under pseudonyms for their privacy, talked about several things. One student interviewed said she enjoyed being having her hands tied to a bedpost while saying “sir” or “master” to her domineering boyfriend.
In this February article, it is explained what a “munch” is. That's when Michael had the idea to create Harvard College Munch. In a recent CNN article, munch is explained as a term used in the kink community for social meal meetings. Thus, that's where Harvard College Munch comes in.
According to the group, in the CNN article, no other group exists on campus. By getting the formal recognition, Harvard College Munch is now entitled to receiving the following: grants, post-campus notices, the use of campus meeting spaces, etc. Despite the “alternative nature” of Harvard College Munch, it complies with the straightforward requirements.
Also, this club has taken further preparations. It will not tolerate abuse or assault. If there are victims of abuse and assault, Harvard College Munch has a safety team ready to step in.
A Huffington Post article reports that such clubs are becoming popular at elite schools. It pointed out Yale, MIT, and Tufts have similar clubs. It also points out a possible correlation between the increased popularity of such clubs with the increased popularity of the novel called “50 Shades of Grey.” In this respect, the CNN article's first line started off saying “Fifty Shades of Crimson.”
As soon as Harvard College Munch got the approval, news spread through the Internet like wildfire. Twitter responses varied from one person to another.
Conservative pundits were quick to weigh in. A blog entry on the site called “Bloodthirsty Liberal” expresses shock that Harvard College Munch had a “constitution.” The author of the post threatened to punch of those “pervs” in the nose if any of them tries to “reach out” when at Harvard.
A post from the conservative website called “” used this as a means to take a jab at United States President Barack Obama. Obama graduated from Harvard. In regards to Harvard College Munch, the entry used it as an example of the the country's degradation through the university system. On Free Republic, many people posted their views against the club.
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