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Bret Easton Ellis mistakenly asks for cocaine on Twitter

By Brian LaSorsa     Dec 2, 2012 in Internet
Bret Easton Ellis, famed author of "American Psycho," tweeted a request for cocaine Sunday morning, leaving many to speculate that it was supposed to be a private message.
At about 4:00 a.m., Ellis made the mistake that won’t cost him his career and likely won’t change anyone’s perception of his ‘deal with it’ attitude.
But it’s still pretty funny.
“Come over at do bring coke now,” he tweeted, stranding his 360,000 followers in a state of bewilderment regarding what the cryptic tweet could possibly mean.
Gawker contributor Myles Tanzer made a quick attempt at syntax analysis.
“Is the message read ‘come over, at do, bring coke now’ or ‘come over at, do bring coke now’?” he wondered. “If it’s meant to be the latter, is ‘at’ Easton Ellis’ pet name for Alex Trebeck?”
It is unclear whether we should treat Alex Trebek’s decision to shun Twitter as suspicious.
A few hours earlier, Ellis tweeted that he’d just watched a documentary about the Rolling Stones, which he reviewed as ‘meh.’
“Mick Jagger was beautiful,” he exclaimed, “and I want to do a lot of coke.”
A few professional journalists were more concerned with what happened after Ellis’ tweet, though.
“Is anyone at that party with Brett Easton Ellis?” asked David Shariatmadari, a deputy editor at The Guardian. “Has he realised yet?”
“More importantly,” responded MSN international editor Tom Phillips, “did anybody bring the coke?”
James Ball, another journalist at The Guardian, added his own commentary.
“I hope he didn't have to settle for Pepsi,” he wrote.
UPDATE: Ellis spent the rest of the day retweeting 16 random posts from Dana Brunetti's official account. Brunetti is a producer known for his work on movies like "21" and "The Social Network," and it is rumored that he will be producing the adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey."
Upon seeing everything, Brunetti sent a tweet to his followers: "All those RT's must be the coke."
UPDATE: Ellis deleted all of the retweets, but not before Brunetti captured a screenshot.
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