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article imageVideo: Never judge an old, rusty farm truck before a speed test

By JohnThomas Didymus     Dec 2, 2012 in Technology
Do you ride a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini? You would eye every other rusty old vehicle on the road with paranoid suspicion and never presume to look down with disdain at your neighbor's humble old farm truck after you've seen this video.
Every one has had to put up in long-suffering forbearance with the irritating obstructionist behavior of some hillbilly in an old rusty farm truck loaded with produce, trundling along on a lonely rural road at walking speed while you itch to press down hard on the turtle and fly on four wheels.
But watch this old and rusty wagon's performance in a speed test and gain back at least some of the respect you have lost for its kind.
Some call this sort of automobile anomaly a "sleeper," that is, an automobile with an unassuming outward appearance concealing a high performance engine in its hood. As MSN Now notes, this sort of hybrid contraption is the ideal weapon for humiliating narcissistic high performance car drivers who imagine that flashy exteriors maketh the car.
Watch this video with trepidation as you wonder how the old wagon did not fall to pieces while it performs an extraordinary feat of "displacement," as your high school mechanics teacher would say.
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