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article imageReport: John McAfee captured after CNN interview

By Brian LaSorsa     Dec 1, 2012 in Crime
Security software pioneer John McAfee, who’s currently evading interrogation by the Belizean government, agreed to meet with CNN for a secret interview Saturday.
McAfee is wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of his neighbor, but he maintains his innocence and insists that the summons is the result of a crooked politician whom he did not pay off.
The software pioneer told a reporter in November that the Belizean government would eventually find him. However, he has successfully (and, quite frankly, impressively) blended into the background of the Central American country.
“They will track me down,” McAfee said at the time. “I’m one of the first foreigners to live here that has actually bumped up against them.”
Aside from the aforementioned phone call and posts to his oft-updated website — aptly titled “Who is McAfee?” — McAfee’s direct communication with the ‘outside world’ has been limited.
CNN correspondent Martin Savidge recently reached out for an interview. McAfee sent back his terms of agreement, which required the utilization of “a secret phrase, a mysterious driver and a circuitous route full of left turns, right turns and U-turns.”
Savidge happily obliged. And the interview commenced.
Overall, viewers can tell McAfee is tired of running. He’s in a situation that he doesn’t want to be a part of, but the corruption that he believes shapes the Belizean government is barring him from return.
“It hasn’t been a lot of fun,” McAfee said. “I miss my prior life.”
McAfee told Savidge that he carries numerous disposable cell phones at all times in order to dodge trackers and that he’s likely burned through about 200 since his departure. Nonetheless, he’s committed to elusion until the truth reveals itself.
“‘Get away’ doesn’t mean leave the country,” McAfee said. “I’m going to continue to fight until something changes.”
About ten hours after CNN published its interview, though, a mysterious piece of breaking news was posted to McAfee’s official website.
“We have received an unconfirmed report,” it reads, “that John McAfee has been captured at the border of Belize and Mexico.”
Whether the update constitutes verification is up to readers, who unquestionably vary in their assessments of McAfee’s actions. We’ll update you when we have more information.
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