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article imageYahoo! Japan launches otaku social media network called 'Wonder!'

By Can Tran     Dec 1, 2012 in Technology
The Internet/telecommunications company Softbank along with Yahoo! Japan have launched "Wonder!" This is a social media network that brings together otaku from across the world.
Ever since the days of MySpace, it was a direction of a trend that has proven to be popular. The trend is known as “social media.” With more people having Internet access and more people having a mobile device or a tablet with Internet connectivity, social media has become a prevalent medium of communication. Instead of posting on a website, you can post something onto social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth. On the down side, there is the lack of responsibility on the side of the users such as “sexts,” cyber-bullying, and everything else. With that aside, social media has been very useful.
Social media has become a very useful tool in all sorts of global events such as the Japan Tsuanmi incident, the domino effect of the Arab Spring, and the recent destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. In regards to Hurricane Sandy, social media such as Twitter became useful. One recent example was Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, NJ, who took to Twitter as a means to coordinate disaster recovery.
On social media sites such as Facebook and Meetup have specific groups for just about anybody. The same can be said about Digital Journal in which members can create their own groups or join currently existing groups. Users can post blog entries are group relevant media entries.
However, people or companies may create their own social networking sites bringing people together through a common interest. Yahoo! Japan and Softbank have banded together and have recently launched its social networking site called “Wonder!” This social media site is geared toward attracting members who are self-confessed otaku. Unless familiar with the medium of entertainment called anime, those outside of Japan may not understand what “otaku” means.
To outsiders, “otaku” is a term that defines people that have obsessive interests. Obsessive interests can be anything such as trains, politics, martial arts, food, etc. In most cases, the term is usually directed towards video games, manga, comic books, and anime.
This social media website allows users from all across the world to upload otaku-esque photos such as: fan-made art usually pertaining to video games & anime, cosplay pictures let alone those taken at anime conventions, pictures of their figurines, pictures of their plastic models, pictures of their plush toys, etc.
While the language is exclusively in Japanese, anybody can log onto the website through the following Ids: Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo! Japan. If you are not in Japan, it may be best that you brush up on your Japanese language skills. More importantly, you may want to brush up on your proficiency in reading in non-Romanized Japanese.
However, this is not the first time a social media site for otakus has been made. There is still the English-language social media site called “Tokyo Otaku Mode.” You can join Tokyo Otaku Mode by joining with your e-mail or signing in with your Facebook account.
Otaku culture, outside of Japan, is popular with the international anime crowd. One example is this TV series called “America's Greatest Otaku.”
In regards to Softbank and Yahoo! Japan, the latter is a subsidiary of the former. The former is an known Internet/telecom company in Japan. Softbank, in regards to telecommunications, is known throughout Japan for its “White family” plan ads.
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