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article imageViral photo: Pub staff t-shirt says, 'Keep Calm And Try An Al*'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Dec 1, 2012 in Lifestyle
A female bar employee posed with a male colleague, both wearing t-shirts endorsing beer-drinking, with the message: "Keep calm and try an ale," but from the angle the woman was photographed, she accidentally endorsed something very different from ale.
The photo showing two employees of the bar wearing t-shirts that modify the popular slogan "Keep calm and carry on," actually shows the woman's t-shirt endorsing a particular kind of sex act: "KEEP CALM AND TRY AN AL*"
As MSN Now points out, the situation is reminiscent of the oft-repeated phrase in journalism "What's your angle?" in reference to how the writer's slant changes the meaning of story.
But as Happy Place notes, the bar proprietors should have known better, because even without the photo angle mischievously cropping out the letters to a salacious effect, a drunk who has to say the entire message repeatedly will tend to drift away from endorsing ale to endorsing "an al*"
The Reddit page that links to the photo on Imgur begins with the grave warning: "Abandon hope all ye who enter here, for there is not a good comment in sight. You have been warned."
Keep calm and try an al*
Keep calm and try an al*
And we searched for a relatively quotable response to the photo on the Reddit page but found only one:
"WTF man?"
Ditto Imgur,
"Bro, hold my beer."
To further chide the bar proprietorship, we may point out that a social service or health provider, qualified to make recommendations in circumstances of panic, is unlikely to recommend "an ale," not to mention "an al*," for a calming effect.
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