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article imageKung Fu expert beats up men who came to evict him from home

By Owen Weldon     Nov 30, 2012 in World
A man in China was faced with a group mob of men who were trying to evict them, but what the group did not know the man was a Kung Fu expert.
According to Business Insider, at the end of October, 38-year-old Shen Jianzhong was able to put his Kung Fu skills in action.
Shen says for six months a property developer has been trying to get his house. Shen says that they called it a remodeling project that would turn the village into a town.
Shen also said that he was promised a new house of the same size within two years, as well as rent that would go towards covering the interim. However, Shen said that he heard about other people in the village getting a better deal, so he refused to sign anything.
Shen said that the property company started to put posters up that warned of dire consequences for people who held out. He went onto say that the threats escalated once there were only around 30 households left.
According to Shanghaiist, Shen said that the mob of men started to block the streets on most days. Shen also says that they would pick on the women in the village and even threaten to kill their kids. He went onto say that some people even got beaten on the street.
On October 29 Shen's wife went out for a packet of instant noodles, and "30 to 50" men materialised at his front door,
Shen says that his wife tried to shut the door but the group of men pushed it back and she ended up tripping over, and that is when the fight started, according to Shen. That is when Shen and his 18-year-old son, also a kung fu expert, fought the attackers an left seven of the men almost unconscious in the hallway.
Shen says that it was self defense and that he does not know what Kung Fu skills that he used, but he described the incident as messy. He also said that only seven men were injured because the rest of the group got scared so they stayed outside while others ran away.
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