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article imageSamaras promises EU pro-European party in return for Greek deal

By Katerina Nikolas     Nov 29, 2012 in World
Athens - The IMF and EU had reached a stalemate on the issue of Greek debt sustainability until a deal was reached this week. A reliable source now reveals that Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras was promised a cash bailout in return for forming a pro-EU party.
All credit to John Ward who produces the excellent Slog for this information which reveals: "The Slog’s trusted Brussels mole informed me last night that Chief Greek nailbiter Atonis Samaras was forced by Berlin-am-Brussels to give a firm promise of forming his new ‘European Party’ last weekend – or Athens would be hung out to dry."Full details of the deal offered to Greece to secure bail-out loans worth € 34.4 billion before the end of the year, have not been published. What is known is that the interest rates on outstanding loans have been reduced, thus cutting potential profits to Germany which is the main beneficiary of interest payments paid by the average Greek through increased austerity and rising taxes. The elite continue to remain unpursued for alleged tax evasion.
Prior to the IMF and Eurogroup reaching an agreement on Greek debt, Christine Lagarde insisted the only sensible course was a further write down of unsustainable Greek debt. However this could not be sold to Frau Angela Merkel as elections beckon in 2013 and a further write down would cost German taxpayers, not a good move if Merkel wishes to continue in power.
According to the Slog the EU elite have a working title of the European Union Front for the pro-EU party Samaras has promised to muster. The information sheds some light on why Samaras has apparently changed his position on outlawing the democratically elected anti-EU Golden Dawn, a move he rejected in September.
Mr. Ward sums it up aptly when he writes: "blinkered eurocrats are giving out orders, on behalf of ruthless Nordeurop politicians, to blind ClubMed politicians. And the whole thing is being allowed to happen because most Greeks are proud people who do not wish to be seen as 'the lazy buggers who screwed up the EU.'" It would appear the Greek elite is willing to sell the Greek people out in order to retain their place at the EU high table.
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