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article imageVideo: 'Mass Effect 3 - Omega' DLC launch trailer

By Can Tran     Nov 29, 2012 in Entertainment
The launch trailer for the "Mass Effect 3" DLC known as "Omega" is available for viewing. It gives a brief storyline of heading to the station Omega and liberating it from Cerberus.
The launch trailer for the latest downloadable content (DLC) for “Mass Effect 3” is available for viewing. This DLC is called “Mass Effect 3: Omega” or simply “Omega” which centralizes on a space station called Omega. To understand the storyline of the DLC, it's best to play both “Mass Effect 2” and Mass Effect 3. Currently, the DLC is available for the Sony Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the PC. However, there are no plans to release the game for the Nintendo Wii U.
According to Digital Spy, the Omega headlined at the update of the Playstation Store.
In the DLC, you help Aria T'Loak (introduced in Mass Effect 2) liberate Omega from Cerbereus. You come into opposition with one of Cerberus' top officers General Oleg Petrovsky. Aria, who isn't a playable character, becomes a temporary playable character in the DLC. Also as a temporary playable character is Nyreen Kandros. You will be dealing with both Cerberus operatives and Reapers.
With this DLC, you have five missions to complete.
On Xbox Live, you can purchase the DLC for 1,200 Microsoft Points. On the PC, you can get the DLC for 1,200 BioWare Points. On the Playstation 3, you can get the DLC for $14.99.
According to BioWare, in an article on iTech Post, it didn't think this DLC would be “that big.”
However, a Forbes article does point out the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3. It said that if you rally every available force in the game, the ending of Mass Effect 3 changes. With the added stuff, it affects the mechanics of the storyline.
With respects to the Omega DLC, it gives more replay value to the game. In regards to Aria, she is voiced by Canadian actress Carrie-Anne Moss.
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