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article imageMan picks on girl with cerebral palsy, gets 1 month in jail

By Can Tran     Nov 29, 2012 in World
Canton - A man who was caught on video, a month ago, mocking a young girl with cerebral palsy, has been handed a one-month jail sentence.
For every kind person, there's always going to be a cruel one. It's been like this since time immemorial. In the future, there are going to be more cruel people. People can be downright cruel for not reason at all only for the sake of being cruel. One can be cruel to people, especially children, for any number of reasons. In the case of Ohio, a man decided to be cruel to a young girl because she has cerebral palsy. As a result, he's paying for it in court. The man is 43-year-old William Bailey of Ohio. On Tuesday, he pleaded no contest to the charges. Bailey is charged for making fun of 10-year-old Hope Holcomb-Knight; Holcomb-Knight has cerebral palsy. According to the Huffington Post, Bailey has already given an apology to Hope. Under the judge's order, Bailey was handed a maximum sentence of one month in jail.
The incident happened back in September 26. Tricia Knight and her mother-in-law were at the bus stop waiting for the bus to drop their children off from school. Her three children, including Hope, attend the same school as Bailey's son Joseph. The mother-in-law, Marie Prince, used a camera to record Bailey making fun of Hope. Originally, the video got uploaded onto YouTube by the mother-in-law. If you look at the video on YouTube, you can see “M Prince” as the publisher of the video. They even made a Facebook page called “Justice4Hope.”
Afterward, the family complained to the authorities. According to the chief assistant city prosecutor assigned to this case, it took a little while longer to come to a decision. In this respect, it was making a gesture against disabled people.
However, there is skepticism on the charge. This is because the Knights and the Baileys live next door to each other.
The article on ABC News goes more in-depth than the Huffington Post article. The prosecutor made the decision on three factors: the Knight family's complaint, the police report, and the video that was uploaded.
Asides from a jail sentence, Bailey is forced to pay court costs and other fees. It seems that both families have been at odds with each other. The ABC News article also talks about an incident that took place the summer before that involved Joseph, Bailey's son, and a pocket knife. According to Hope's mother, Joseph threatened to use the knife on Hope.
Even with Bailey serving a jail sentence, it seems unlikely that this is the end since both families live next door to each other.
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