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article imageOp-Ed: Video: Guy shows how not to kill a giant spider

By Elizabeth Batt     Nov 28, 2012 in Odd News
Spokane - Most people when they kill a spider reach for a rolled-up magazine or a shoe, but not this guy. In this totally over-the-top spider killing, you won't believe what is used instead.
It's a classic case of overkill, but obviously this guy figured that a rather large spider on his bathroom wall warranted a mega reaction. So rather than using what might be considered a more conventional approach, he opted for a more unlikely method instead.
The video begins with the alarmed man stating that there is a rather large spider on his bathroom wall. To show what he means he heads down the hallway with a video camera but pauses in the bathroom doorway not willing to get too close.
The guy's demeanor appears to be one of fear as he backs out slowly, rubbing his face and mumbling "Let's find a weapon."
This is where the really bizarre kicks in not jibing at all with the level of arachnophobia the man seems to portray. Rather than employing the expected means of killing an arachnid (say with something from a distance perhaps), he pulls out of his drawer instead a knuckleduster, and promptly dons it.
Surely not one thinks?
Yes, we're afraid so.
The young man marches into the bathroom and then pummels the spider to dust ... along with the wall its sitting on.
Now to the guy's credit, what he has effectively done, takes just seconds to sink in. Sweating now, he says softly "I messed up," before walking off and hollering loudly, "Mom!"
The short film uploaded to YouTube on Nov. 26 by bignickbrother4, has vibrated across the web, garnering more than over 158,000 hits in just two days. It's also attracted its fair share of comments, some critical of the excessive reaction and some less so.
"I have polar bears. Sweden, baby. Top that," said SirPantalones, not impressed. Meanwhile user FewMinutesFame charged, "Chuck Norris would have done that with bare knuckles."
Other YouTube users though, high-fived bignickbrother4's actions. "Hole in the wall to kill that huge thing?" said NightChemcial, "Worth it." And SpontaneousThinker93 offered nonchalantly "Dude, next time just burn the house down."
As for the giant spider, his calamitous death did not go unnoticed. "Poor little fella :(" sobbed NoxDarkpaw. And in sorrow, YouTube user Inothep lamented, "Spider Bro ... Noooooooo!"
Of course one user did actually question whether the spider was fake or real, but that just opens up another disturbing can of worms entirely ...
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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