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article imageWatch 'Extremely scary ghost elevator prank in Brazil'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Nov 28, 2012 in Entertainment
This terrifying TV prank was conceived by the Brazilian Silvio Santos Program. Alone in a dark lift with no power is unsettling experience for anyone. But things get creepier: a ghost girl appears from nowhere, frightening the elevator riders.
ABC News reports that the Brazilian variety show Programa Silvio Santos, aired this pegadinha ("prank") on Sunday. The video posted to YouTube has gone viral with over 3.5 million views on YouTube alone.
The video shows a woman in an empty lift. The power goes off. She waits uncertainly in the dark for a while. When the lights come on, she sees a creepy "ghost apparition" in the lift–a pale faced, tousle-haired girls stands, carrying a doll. She looks like a ghost child from a horror movie scene ("The Ring").
Unknown to the victims, the "ghost" entered the lift from a trap door at the side when the power went off.
Watch a woman stand, literally petri-fied. She dares not look!
Things get creepier when the pranksters, taking sadistic delight in torturing their victims, switch the lights on and off. The girl appears and disappears, screaming when she appears.
Some of the victims scream in terror. Two women hold each other and cower in a corner. A man tries to blot out unreality by covering his face with his palms. He runs out of the lift as the door opens. The ghost girl chases after him.
But did the pranksters consider the risk that some plucky victim, feeling trapped in the enclosed space, could launch an attack on the "ghost" with lethal force?
Extremely scary ghost prank
Extremely scary ghost prank
Extremely scary ghost prank
Extremely scary ghost prank
Sample a few relevant comments on Reddit:
I wonder how many people dropping dead from seizures and heart attacks had to be edited out.
I more wonder how many times the girl got punched...
The whole time I was watching this video I couldn't help but feel that would be my first reaction (i.e. punch the girl)
Me too. Not because I'm violent but if a demon spawn of hell appears next to me I think getting punchy might be my reaction.
I said to myself, "Man... I'd totally punch that little girl." Then I realized I'd really just cry. A lot.
This is why I think it's fake, would they really put that little girl at risk like that?
The Daily Mail reports this extreme prank concept is popular in Brazil.
We can only say that the Brazilian notion of a TV prank makes the rest of us look like wussies–if really, this is what it takes to scare a full-blooded Brazilian.
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