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article imageMan arrested for joking at airport about dynamite in bag

By Leigh Goessl     Nov 27, 2012 in Travel
A man made a joke at the Miami International Airport that got him arrested. In this case, the word "dynamite" was what got the man into hot water.
Yesterday a man learned a lesson that making jokes at an airport is likely to get you in trouble. Reportedly, a man was asked if he had any hazardous materials in his bag when going through ticketing and he joked he packed dynamite.
According to Gawker, Alejandro Hurtado allegedly told a TACA Airlines ticket agent that he had dynamite in his baggage after the agent had queried him about any hazardous materials.
NBC Miami reported the 63-year-old, a doctor from Guatemala, was asked again by the ticket agent whether or not he had dynamite in his bag. Reportedly, Hurtado then repeated he did and began to laugh.
This led to a partial evacuation of Concourse J, a bomb squad was called to search his bags, and nothing was found.
"The second level ticketing areas for Avianca, TACA, LAN and Caribbean Airlines, one nearby TSA checkpoint, and the surrounding areas on the first and third levels of Terminal J were evacuated at 12:30 p.m. because of a suspicious passenger and item," said airport spokesman Greg Chin in a statement.
Hurtado was subsequently arrested by Miami-Dade Police and now faces a charge of falsely report bomb/explosives at an airport.
"Once the Defendant was told that police were going to be called the Defendant stated that he was joking," the affidavit said.
Over time many people across the globe have gotten themselves in trouble for joking about explosives at airports. Last month a man was the cause of an Alaska airport being closed down for three hours after his bomb joke.
In Nov. 2011, an Australian man was arrested after airport personnel asked him if he had any explosives and he replied he had a bomb strapped to his ankle. In 2010, a man in Germany missed out on a family vacation, including all expenses paid, because he'd joked he had a bomb in his underwear.
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