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article imageOp-Ed: President Obama about to launch another illegal war against Syria

By Eric Morales     Nov 27, 2012 in Politics
With Patriot missiles possibly headed to Turkey, to protect Istanbul from Syrian 'aggression' - Obama is once again meddling and violating the constitution like his predecessors.
"We expect the NATO Council to make its decision within the week," Defense Minister Ishmet Yilmaz told reporters Saturday concerning Turkey's request for Patriot missiles. Minister Yilmaz went on to say, "We asked for Patriots from NATO taking into account the critical situation that emerged on our border with Syria. The aim is for the protection of the widest possible area in Turkey."
NATO began surveying for deployment sites on Monday. Turkey is apparently fearful of the Syrian conflict spilling over into its own borders, in the form of Syrian Scud and SS-21 missiles, possibly laden with chemical or biological weapons.
However the deployment of Patriot missiles, is the first step in a U.S.-led NATO no-fly-zone, in order to aid Syrian rebels in their fight against Bashar Assad. The terrorists fighting Assad in Syria, and they are terrorist, have been requesting this same no-fly-zone for months. Patriot missiles deployed in southern Turkey would not only guard Syria's northern neighbor, but impede the Syrian regime's ability to launch air raids in northern Syria as well. With the reported destruction of an Air Defense base in southern Syria, near the Israeli border Syria's defense capability would be greatly diminished.
This to me constitutes nothing less then an act of war. Lets throw in the fact that Turkey is the forward base of operations of the Syrian terrorists fighting President Bashar Assad. U.S. made Patriot missiles, manned by American soldiers in Turkey, is nothing other then a finger in the eye, and a total act of aggression against Syria, concealed as protecting an ally, all of this without approval from Congress.
Under the War Powers Resolution, the President is to tell Congress two days in advance of when he is committing soldiers to military action, the U.S. military is forbidden to remain in action for more then two months, without a 30-day extension or a declaration of war. President Ronald Reagan ignored this in El Salvador and Nicaragua, as well President Clinton ignored the 1973 law in the bombing of Kosovo. Oddly enough President Bush followed the laws of the land in his war against Iraq, albeit as unjust as it was. So President Obama is doing nothing less then following in the imperial footsteps of his predecessors, first in Libya and now poised to do so again in Syria.
Never mind the human rights violations committed by the terrorists in the Free Syrian Army. From using child soldiers, abducting Shia pilgrims in Lebanon, as well as rapes, executions and torture. Furthermore one has to ignore the fact that the Free Syrian Army, and the Syrian rebels have aligned themselves with radical Islamist's - our supposed enemy. Al Qaeda's second in command has voiced his support for the Syrian cause, Christians have been targeted, churches bombed and people expelled from their homes. Walid Al-Boustani in March declared Homs, an Islamic Emirate making himself an Emir which turned out to be an ill-fated venture.
I do not want to promote Islamophobia, since I believe that the Qu'ran is no more violent then the Old Testament, more so Islam has benefited the world beyond measure. However, does it make any sense to aid the people allied with the very same radicals we are fighting in Afghanistan? No it does not.
By creating a buffer between Turkey and Syria, President Obama does nothing more then protect the very regime attacking the Assad government by proxy through the Syrian rebels. He too gets America's foot in the door to become involved in another conflict without approval from Congress. The treaties and resolutions that America have agreed to, has handed decision making power over to international bodies, so much so they have made Congress of no effect, this is unconstitutional.
When he ran for office in 2008, Barack Obama was promising and a breath of fresh air, revolutionary in his idealism. Ridiculed by the old standard, who wanted wars and paranoia to rule the day. He overcame those voices twice now, but his advisers have led him astray, off the path of his promises, through the muddy terrain of imperialism and American overreach.
Where are the Patriot missiles for Palestine? Where is the calls for regime change when Palestinian protesters are killed? Where is the outcry, since the Israeli government has imposed a starvation diet on the people of Gaza? The foreign policy of the United States is built on falsehoods and double standards, only a man like Barack Obama possesses the strength and intellect to change that. I hope in his second term that he does.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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