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article imageTodd Bertuzzi coaching son's team, figures NHL season 'gone'

By Marcus Hondro     Nov 26, 2012 in Sports
Detroit Red Wing Todd Bertuzzi does not seem optimistic mediation will help work out a deal between the NHL and NHLPA, nor does he feel that decertification will do it. Bertuzzi figures the 2012-13 NHL season will soon be a victim of time.
"I think the owners (this time) are strong-holding it and putting their foot in the sand and not budging. They want what they want, and that's plain and simple," Bertuzzi said Monday after an informal workout on the ice in Troy, Michigan. "Unfortunately, it's going to take years to build back the revenue. It's going to take a long time."
As for the threat of the players decertifying the union as a tactic to force the owners to cut a deal or face possibly having to honor existing contracts, Bertuzzi feels that would only lead to an end to all hope of a season. He feels there would, however, be a positive side to that.
"So players go after owners, we sue them. How long is that going to take?" he asked reporters . "Four to five to six, seven months? So that means the season is gone. If anything it hurries up the process of ending this thing, so guys aren't sitting around waiting to see what's going to be next."
Todd Bertuzzi: Fans losing interest
Bertuzzi, who last time the league locked out its players in a CBA dispute in 2004-05 was suspended for a hit that ended Steve Moore's career, expressed concern for the NHL, lamenting the current stalemate and what it was doing to the league's fanbase. He feels the fans are no longer tuning in.
"These people (NHL fans) are (angry) right now. They're not just: 'I don't care, I'll come back' or whatever. Fans are (angry) now. They're getting to a point where they're not even really paying attention anymore to what's going on. They're sick and tired of hearing the same (stuff) coming out of both sides' mouths, and who can blame them? It's frustrating."
The big winger, who has 303 goals and 751 points in 1093 NHL games, also spoke of coaching his young son Tag's team in Toronto and said he's enjoying the opportunity. "You move on," the former Vancouver Canucks star said. "Try to make the most of your time."
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