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article imageMan posts videos ridiculing American Black Friday shoppers

By Andrew Moran     Nov 26, 2012 in Business
Oceanside - Mark Dice, a well-known online personality in the conspiracy theory world, not only heckled Black Friday shoppers on Thursday night, he also asked Best Buy consumers about their credit card debt on Friday.
Digital Journal has reported on Dice’s antics in the past, such as his boycott of the Super Bowl and his attempt to sell a $1,100 ounce of gold for $50. His latest video has garnered national attention for heckling Target, Sears and Best Buy shoppers in Oceanside, California
As he drove in his car with a bullhorn, Dice called the shoppers “mainstream media watching morons,” “debt slaves,” “pawns of the Illuminati,” “braindead zombies” and “mindless.”
The video has generated (at the time of this writing) 116,391 views, 2,586 likes and 515 dislikes. It was even featured on the front page of The Drudge Report and Dice was interviewed by a local television news outlet.
Dice later posted a follow-up video where he stood in front of a line-up at Best Buy.
“You zombies are the reason Thanksgiving and holidays are being destroyed,” yelled Dice. “It’s zombies like you that are causing these poor retail workers to have to sacrifice their Thanksgiving to serve idiots like you. Half these people had to go to bed two in the afternoon to wait on you braindead zombies”
Following his remarks, he received applause from the “Very Intelligent Person line” that consisted of a couple of dozen bystanders, who were watching the Black Friday event unfold and “witness the madness.”
He continued to heckle the line-up until a store employee went up to him and asked not to disturb the crowd. The woman claimed that some of the customers were getting upset with Dice’s comments.
“They’re getting upset because they want to get in there and waste their money and go deeper into debt,” retorted Dice.
As Dice posted a few videos over the holiday weekend, he also published a piece where he asked Best Buy shoppers, who had their shopping carts full with televisions, video game consoles and other electronics, if they purchased their items with a credit card or cash.
Most of the people he spoke in the video with responded with credit. He also asked some of the consumers how much debt they had – answers ranged from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.
Meanwhile, Dice has been ridiculed by some members of the media.
“That’s right, those poor, dumb saps on the Best Buy line are missing the really important, smarty-smart stuff, the Bilderberg Group, and should be hoarding gold and silver, not DVDs. I guess Blu-Ray hasn’t hit Dice’s radar yet,” wrote Mediaite.
“The best part is that the guy turned out not to be an über-obnoxious liberal, or really even a conservative, but a fringe conspiracy right-winger that almost everyone can feel superior to. Let’s all give thanks to Mark Dice for making us like those people on that Best Buy line, and for giving all of us someone to feel superior to this holiday season.”
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