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Golden Dawn MP threatens policemen and antifascists on camera

By Stav Dimitropoulos     Nov 26, 2012 in World
Crete, Greece: All visual and acoustic data containing threats aired by Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris against both police officers and antifascist demonstrators during a Golden Dawn gathering in the Greek island Crete are in the hands of justice.
The story goes like this: Anticipating potential clashes between Golden Dawn members and antifascist group members the police had placed barricades in a distance of 150 meters from the hotel where Golden Dawn organized a gathering of their members. The police were rather proved right as groups of antifascist protesters quickly surrounded the place demanding that Golden Dawn members leave the island.
Golden Dawn members attempted to get past the police barricades and “meet” the antifascist protesters but the police blocked them. As a result, Ilias Kasidiaris, the Golden Dawn spokesman, got out of control and was caught on camera openly threatening police officers. In the video accompanying this article, you can see the whole incident. DJ has translated the most important dialogues or monologues, to be precise:
Ilias Kasidiaris to members of Golden Dawn:
Gentlemen, don’t bother, they are pimps...all cars are broken and they are just looking at them masturbating( the characterization is obviously referring to the Greek policemen).
Ilias Kasidiaris to Greek police officers:
I will f..k them at night. From now on, you will have dead people over here, I give you my word for this. (the threat is going to antifascist demonstrators).
Later, Kasidiaris justified his behavior by saying that a group of parastatal men wearing helmets disturbed the Golden Dawn gathering and damaged many vehicles and shops.
Nobody stopped them, nobody annoyed them and all the police does is get in the middle of a legal political party. This is absurdly against the law, we are talking about a violation of duty on behalf of both the police and the Ministry of Public Order. This is unacceptable, they are only acting this way towards Golden Dawn and this because we constitute the only Greek voice who tells the truth and will “free this place from dirt”. said Kasidiaris.
Kasidiaris also fiercely criticized both right and left-wing parties for the suffering of the Greek society.
For New Democracy of the center/right-wing side, he said:
It is the party that brought illegal immigrants to Greece. Not only did they socially disintegrate Greece with Pavlopoulos who kept saying “Come to Greece, it’s fine here in Greece, we will feed you all” but also fed the parastate of the Leftists, yet no one touches these scoundrels.
Golden Dawn has been perceived as an anti-immigrant party. Lately, it has emerged as an anti-gay party. Now, it makes its debut as an anti-police party, too.
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