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article imageGerman Defence League demonstrate in Berlin on ‘Free Tommy Day’

By Richard Milnes     Nov 26, 2012 in World
Berlin - On Saturday, 24 November, the Germans showed solidarity with their English counterparts by protesting in support of imprisoned EDL leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (a.k.a. Tommy Robinson).
Supporters of the German Defence league held a demonstration at the same location that, as previously reported, they are now holding a regular weekly vigil until the release of Tommy Robinson.
A speech was read out first in German and then in English.
“In his legendary 'Ich Bin Ein Berliner' speech, John F. Kennedy said the following words ‘Freedom is individual and when one man is enslaved, all are not free’. Today in Britain one man is not free. For this reason we have come to protest at the British Embassy once again, to demand the release of Tommy Robinson (a.k.a. Stephen Lennon).
“It’s been four weeks since Tommy was taken into custody. Everyone knows why he was arrested. He is supposed to have used a fake passport. The British government raised this accusation some six weeks after he travelled into the United States.
“He gave a speech in the US at a conference held at a group known as ‘Stop the Islamification of Europe’. Six weeks after this speech he was arrested. The British government took an entire six weeks to fabricate charges on which to arrest him."
Uncomfortable questions raised
“Why do they want to silence Tommy Robinson? He raises uncomfortable questions. He bravely brought a number of problems to light that are inextricably linked to the silent Islamic conquest of Britain. No one in British politics welcomes such news.
“London however has already been the victim of devastating and deadly acts of terror, to say nothing of the countless violent crimes. The city has seen a shocking rise in gang rapes, perpetrated by Muslims, who are also responsible for the massive and systematic forced prostitution of native British girls.
“The British police and the British government have tried to cover up these crimes for years. Enormous numbers of underage British girls are raped continuously, month after month. Any so-called infidel girl could be the next victim.
“No one makes a move to stop it and countless rapists are set free, after sitting for less than a half of their prison terms because the prisons are overflowing.
“In one particularly horrifying case, nine Muslims were found to have raped 631 girls. The gang raped one fifteen-year-old girl sixty times in a single day and killed two others.
“The rapists remained at large for several years. This is incomprehensible. This case is nothing but the tip of the iceberg and the lobby for political correctness in Britain would like nothing better than to simulate the facts of all such cases in their entirety."
Tommy’s treatment compared to that of Abu Qatada
“This atrocity is also taking place in Germany. It’s no wonder that people like the radical Muslim imam Abu Qatada are let out on bail, while Tommy is held under inhuman conditions, allegedly in pretrial custody, as if he were a violent criminal.
“The Muslim hate preacher Abu Qatada can’t be deported to Jordan, because there he will allegedly be required to stand trial under unfair conditions. This would violate the poor terrorist’s human rights. What about Tommy’s human rights? Does he have any?
“Abu Qatada, infamous as Osama Bin Laden’s right hand, was sentenced in absentia to life in prison in Jordan for organising a series of terrorist attacks.
“Great Britain gave this terrorist, with the blood of countless innocents on his hands, asylum. The matter of the Muslim imam, by the way, costs the British taxpayer £5 million pounds. Tommy Robinson dared to bring attention to this scandal loudly and repeatedly.
“The truth hurts the British government so much that they have thrown this brave activist in prison, while letting terrorists and rapists run free."
What’s going on in Great Britain?
“What’s going on in Great Britain? We would like to ask the diplomats across the street to kindly help us understand. The government has even gone further and now wants to throw Tommy Robinson into a maximum-security prison, where only the most hardened of criminals are locked up. And that for an alleged passport offense that took place some weeks ago.
“We say to the British government ‘we don’t believe you’. We believe that you should stop the violence, terror and crime, committed daily by Muslims in Britain from spreading any further.
“You can’t suppress the truth. There are armies of Tommy Robinsons. We are all Tommy Robinson. You can’t lock up all of us. Not in Britain. Not in Germany. Not in Europe and not in the rest of the world.
“See the truth for what it is and stop trampling on your citizen’s human rights.
“The protection of every citizen’s physical safety is a human right. Perform your duty to protect England and your own people.
“You can’t simply abolish freedom of speech. This too is a human right.
“Free Tommy! We are the German Defence League! We will never surrender! Maximum resistance!”
On the same day the English Defence League were protesting outside HMP Wandsworth, in London where Tommy Robinson is currently being held on remand.
Other protests also took place across Europe in Vienna, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Paris.
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