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article imageGraphic video: Watch anaconda puke out a cow in Brazilian jungle

By JohnThomas Didymus     Nov 25, 2012 in Environment
If you nurse a horror of reptiles, especially overgrown ones, then you may want to skip this graphic footage of an anaconda from the jungles of Brazil, regurgitating an entire cow it swallowed.
The footage was captures "somewhere" in the Amazon jungle of Brazil. Listen to the excited chatter of commentary in Portuguese, a rare spectacle even for native Brazilians!
Although MSN Now assures us Brazilian beef is "wonderful," we may speculate that Behemoth swallowed an entire chunk and then decided it doesn't fancy beef for dinner after all. Maybe something more appetizing, beside the human spectators, hopefully, showed up, and it thought it wasn't too late to throw up its dinner for a something tastier on the menu.
On a more serious note, however, experts say an anaconda may regurgitate its meal very quickly if it is threatened, disturbed or frightened, to aid mobility as it tries to escape. Sick anacondas may also, sometimes, puke out their meal. reports that anacondas have an exceptionally slow rate of digestion. A boa may live for a year after a big meal, without having to take another.
Anaconda barfs up cow
Anaconda barfs up cow
The anaconda is a semi aquatic boa that lives in swamps and rivers in the South American jungle. It is non-venomous and kills its prey by constriction or drowning.
'Deadlier than the male'
Female green anacondas are much larger than the males. They deliver their young live, compared to other snakes that lay eggs. A female may give birth to as many as seventy young ones at a time, each about 30 inches long.
According to John Thorbjarnarson and Jesus A. Rivas, the green anaconda is "... a striking creature to behold. Its head, with a prominent red stripe, is dwarfed in comparison to the improbable bulk of the body, with its glossy skin and bold, black markings on an olive-yellow background." They are shy and retiring, and often difficult to detect against the background of natural vegetation.
Anaconda regurgitates whole cow
Anaconda regurgitates whole cow
According to Thorbjarnarson and Rivas,
"... in March of our first year we began finding some of the large females grouped with several smaller males. Males appear to seek out females during the late dry season, and, when more than one male finds the same female, these 'mating balls' can ensue.
"...we have found numerous groups of snakes intertwined in gorgonlike masses, usually while partially buried in mud or under moist mats or grass around the edges of drying pools. These mating balls of anacondas can be quite impressive; one photographed female was completely enwrapped by seven males."
Anaconda regurgitates whole cow
Anaconda regurgitates whole cow
The larger female often eats smaller males. According to Rivas, "after mating pregnant females do not eat for seven months. It is possible that breeding females eat their mating partners in order to help them survive the long fast associated with pregnancy."
Anacondas do not usually attack humans, but incidents have been reported.
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