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article imageWatch Palm Beach Lakes teacher, high school student fight

By JohnThomas Didymus     Nov 24, 2012 in Lifestyle
Police say they are investigating an alleged fight between a student and a substitute teacher at Palm Beach Lakes High School. A student at the school captured a 17-second footage of the scuffle on a cell phone, and posted it to Facebook.
Many students at the school shared the video posted to Facebook with the caption: "Bol only at Palm Beach Lakes smh…"
The video begins with the student and his teacher standing chest-to-chest in the classroom. The student then challenges the teacher with a shove. A flurry of uncoordinated punches follow. The student appears to throw an object at the teacher who trips in the middle of the brawl. Other students scream as teacher and student fight.
The teacher angrily pursues the student, throwing punches after him, but the student escapes from the classroom.
According to WPTV, students at the school identify the teacher as "Mr Smith" or "Smitty."
The students show mixed feelings about the footage. It is not clear from the few seconds of the footage what led to the fight, but students commenting, blame both teacher and student for the bizarre incident.
Darrel Phillips, a Palm Beach Lakes High senior, commented: "A teacher should, you know, stand up for himself, but not to go on ahead and you know. I'm speechless right now."
Rucker said: "It's just like, to see a kid, someone like that step up to someone. First of all you should have respect for that man. I know I would have."
Palm Beach County School District has given no information about what happened, WPTV reports. A spokesperson Nat Harrington, emailed a statement that said: "The incident is being investigated, and no report or further comment is available since the investigation remains open."
School authorities say the substitute teacher was terminated and the student expelled. Authorities also confirmed that the incident happened on November 8, 2012 at around 2:00 p.m.
Most of the students recall "Smitty" as a "nice" teacher. Phillips said: "He was the type, you got along with him. I mean, I don't understand why somebody wouldn't get along with him."
YouTube users have generally attacked the student:
"Little thug...he need reform school! Trashy kid needs to learn respect. He's a coward on top of it.. see him run like a scared rabbit... LOL! Punk."
"That was dirty shame. That kid is a thug."
The Huffington Post reports that a similar incident occurred at Washington state's Gig Harbor Middle School. A shocking cell phone footage showed students manhandling a fellow student with the approval and assistance of a teacher John Rosi, who later apologized, saying he thought the incident was "harmless childhood horseplay and a chance for the kids to take a break from the daily grind."
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