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article imageOp-Ed: Japanese activists make a stand for Taiji

By Richard Smith     Nov 24, 2012 in Environment
Today Tokyo environmentalists and animal rights groups came together in solidarity to protest the Japanese whale and dolphin hunts.
However, they were met with protesters in support of this Japanese culture, or so they call it. The clash ultimately led to angry clashes.The protest started when a small group of around 60 people opposed to the whale and dolphin hunt gathered at Shibuya shopping center with banners asking the government to “stop the cruel dolphin hunt”. In the same area, in fact, on the opposite side of the street a group of so-called nationalists, could be heard chanting, “Get out of Japan!
According to the nationalists, the environmentalists are nothing short of terrorists, and also suggest such people should be “sent to the slaughter house.” This for me shows the type of mentality we are dealing with, the belief these people should be sent to the slaughter house due to protesting for change on an issue that the world is starting to take notice of, and condemn, is irrational, and really does nothing to help them gain any credibility; and lets be honest, they don’t have much credibility left as it is.
This protest was just one of many demonstrations to be held around the world this weekend to protest Japans continuing dolphin hunt as well as to protest Japans annual whale hunt, a hunt sponsored by the Japanese government that using the guise of scientific research to profit from whale meat.
I for one am proud of these Japanese citizens who came forward and took a stand, knowing it is a taboo issue within their country, and knowing they would face ridicule from angry supporters of the hunt. These people are the future of Japan, and I for one, offer them my thanks, and praise.
For the oceans & those who cannot speak for themselves!
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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