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article imageProfile of an Anonymous artistic protester Special

By Anne Sewell     Nov 24, 2012 in Internet
The Internet is amazing. You can meet a like-minded person, living on the other side of the world. You can collaborate, stay in touch and make a difference, all without ever meeting in person.
Ray Blackbayou W, who prefers anonymity, contacted the writer through YouTube, as both Ray and the writer were involved in making videos - he, about the Occupy movement, she about the 15M movement in Spain.
Ray was born in Lima, Pennsylvania some 40-odd years ago. Directly from leaving high school, Ray joined the US Air Force, wanting to do his duty to his country.
He was sent to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Ray had a pretty bad time of it, as he saw 200 Marines and fellow soldiers put into body bags, and later, due to Lyme Disease, is now in a wheelchair.
Ray Blackbayou W
Ray was watching TV one night and saw Occupy Wall Street and was inspired by them. To see so many people, protesting in the streets, trying to make a difference in the world. He figured that being in a wheelchair, he can't protest and march with them, and decided to protest in his own way, firstly by making videos, and secondly by making striking images.
Ray was also inspired by Anonymous - he noted that many OWS members wear the Anonymous mask and while they are described as hackers, Ray found that Anonymous members actually hack for good. They find a cause and they fight for it.
Ray soon found out that, in fact, everyone is Anonymous. The people behind those masks come from all walks of life, and all ages, and have the same common thoughts and desires.
He now continues to create topical, powerful and moving images and shares them with friends on Facebook.
Ray Blackbayou W
Ray's main wish in life for himself is to walk away from his wheelchair and dance with his wife. He wants to go go-karting with his grand-kids. He also wants a better future for this world and for everyone's children and grand-children.
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