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article imageVideo: Samantha Busch's Grand Canyon photo prank goes viral

By JohnThomas Didymus     Nov 24, 2012 in Internet
Samantha Busch, 22, played a prank on her mother while she was visiting the Grand Canyon. She sent her a photo that appeared to show her clinging to the edge of a cliff overlooking a yawning gorge, with a wide-mouthed look of horror and panic on her face.
But in reality, Samantha's (Reddit user name: AlphaF) feet were resting securely on a ledge beneath, but out of sight.
She posted the photo to Reddit, with the caption: "Mom was worried about my trip to the Grand Canyon, I sent her this picture."
The photo was voted up to the front page of Reddit and went viral online. Many thought the joke was funny, but others thought it wasn't.
ABC News reports Samantha said she decided to play the prank on her mother because she was overprotective: "For five days up to when we left, my mom had warned me about falling off the cliff or being blown off. So when we were hiking around the corner, I found a good spot where I could stand on the ledge. He angled the camera just right and he (her boyfriend) took a great picture."
Samantha Busch s prank photo
Samantha Busch's prank photo
She said: "I messaged it to her first and she works for a medical auditing company and there are women who have known me since day one, and they freaked out over it also. I emailed it to them, too, and they were all freaking out over it saying I gave them a heart attack..."
According to ABC News, Busch took her prank a step further by turning off the GPS locator on her phone so that her mother could not track her. She explained:
"I work for her, so constantly every single day we communicate over work stuff. So for the whole week I decided not to let her know where I'm at. I had to give her some practice to not know where I am every day..."
And did her mother have a heart attack when she saw the photo? Samantha said: "She wasn't even angry. She was just upset [and later] relieved."
However, MStarz reports that some Reddit users who saw the photo were displeased with Samantha. Many agreed that her mother had good reasons to be worried:
"My sister-in-law went to the Grand Canyon and when she saw that there were no guardrails became so worried and nervous for everyone (EVERYONE) visiting that she had to leave."
"Grand Canyon can actually be a seriously dangerous place."
"To be fair, that still looks like a huge fall that I wouldn't want any part in."
When ABC News asked her if we should expect more pranks from her, she answered pertly: "There is no end to my pranking."
Judging from her smug response, we think Samantha may need to have an unfortunate experience before she learns that putting her loved ones in a fright over her safety is not clever. We suggest she read the popular Aesop fable about "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" to understand what we mean.
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