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article imagePopular series iCarly to air series finale tonight

By Shawn Kay     Nov 23, 2012 in Entertainment
Los Angeles - The popular Nickelodeon series iCarly will air its series finale tonight after a storied seven season run. The end of the acclaimed series comes amidst the network’s cancellation of the popular series Victorious and a ratings crisis.
iCarly will air its series finale on Nickelodeon after a storied and prestigious run of seven seasons. The hour-long series finale event will titled iGoodbye will air tonight at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).
This past May, Nickelodeon announced that the iCarly’s current season will be its final season.
Since its debut on September 8, 2007, iCarly has become a darling of the Nickelodeon network as well as its flagship series. For several years, iCarly has been a mainstay of the network’s television line up.
iFarewell – Departing Series Long a Popular Mainstay and Anchor in Network Lineup
iCarly is a teen-based fantasy sitcom that centers around Carly Shay who is played by Miranda Cosgrove.
Carly creates her own web show called iCarly with her two best friends Samantha “Sam” Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress). She lives with her eccentric older adult brother Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor) who is also her legal guardian. The show also stars Orenthal "Gibby" Gibson (Noah Munck) who is a friend of Carly, Spencer, Sam and Freddie. Gibby has a long held and deep crush for Carly.
The show is produced by Dan Schneider who also created several other highly popular Nickelodeon television teen sitcoms, including Drake & Josh, The Amanda Show, and Zoey 101. However, iCarly is Schneider’s most popular and longest running show on the network.
February 6  2011 - Miranda Cosgrove  19  at Columbus Circle Borders magazine signing featuring her o...
February 6, 2011 - Miranda Cosgrove, 19, at Columbus Circle Borders magazine signing featuring her on the cover of Seventeen.
Though the series is set in Seattle and frequently features images of that city’s skyline, it is actually filmed on location at Nickelodeon’s studios in Hollywood.
The popular iCarly theme song “Leave It All to Me”, is sung by Cosgrove and Drake Bell. Cosgrove has also experienced limited success as a pop music star and has released an album (Sparks Fly) in 2010. McCurdy has also released a pop music album.
iCarly won the “Favorite Kids TV Show” at the Kids Choice Awards for three years straight (2009 through 2011). Cosgrove won the Best Performance in a TV Series and Leading Young Actress award at the 2009 Kids Choice Awards while her co-star McCurdy won Favorite TV Sidekick award at the 2011 Kids Choice Awards.
In both 2010 and 2011, the series was nominated for “Outstanding Children’s Program” at the highly prestigious Primetime Emmy Awards (the Wizards of Waverly Place, an acclaimed series starring Selena Gomez and belonging to the Disney Channel – the longtime despised rival of the Nickelodeon network – beat out iCarly in both 2010 and 2011 for the actually award).
iCarly was also nominated for the award in 2009.
The series iCarly and its star, Cosgrove, have been nominated for over two dozen awards in the seven seasons that the show has been on the air.
The popularity of iCarly extends far beyond the U.S. and has a particularly strong following in Canada and Europe.
Despite the fact that much of the antics and plots on iCarly are silly and even downright childish, in recent years some of the story lines have centered around more serious teen-based content, including the issue of dating and relationships as well as betrayal.
iCarly has also had a reputation for attracting fans well beyond its core demographic of children, tweens and their parents. In the past few years, iCarly has seen a significant increase in its viewership with older teens and young adults becoming fans of the series.
Jennette McCurdy  20  at the Hall of Game Awards 2012.
Jennette McCurdy, 20, at the Hall of Game Awards 2012.
The reasons for the increase in viewership by teens and young adults are not fully understood by analysts who specialize in television ratings research. However, the fact that several A-list Hollywood celebrities have appeared on the show has no doubt helped to increase its appeal with adult viewers.
Over the past few years, A-list celebrities such as Jack Black, Emma Stone, and Jimmy Fallon have appeared on the show as have the mega-popular teen boy band One Direction.
Fallon in particular is known to be a very big fan and supporter of the show.
First lady Michelle Obama who is also a fan of the show appeared in an iCarly episode that aired this past January. Obama told news outlets she watches the show weekly with her two daughters Sasha and Malia.
January 2012 - First Lady Michelle Obama watches a performance backstage with iCarly cast members Je...
January 2012 - First Lady Michelle Obama watches a performance backstage with iCarly cast members Jennette McCurdy, left, and Miranda Cosgrove and members of her staff prior to an iCarly screening at Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, Va., Jan. 13, 2012. Mrs. Obama joined the cast of Nickelodeon’s iCarly at a special screening of “iMeet The First Lady,” a new episode featuring Mrs. Obama that honors America’s military children.
Office of the President of the United States of America
In an article on the tonight’s series finale of iCarly, Michelle Lee, an entertainment reporter for Hollywood Staff, has heralded iCarly as the best sitcom on television since Arrested Development.
The cast and crew of iCarly have reportedly been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from fans. Last week, Schneider, the show’s producer, posted this message on his Twitter account to [i]iCarly[/i] fans
I wish I could explain how much your support for my work, through the years, means to me. You make me a better writer and producer. In editing. My eyes are full of tears. Strange how a little TV show for kids and families can have this effect. Wonderful actors. #iCarly Your incredibly nice comments… thank you so much. It’s hard to keep editing this episode – looking blurry through the tears. #iCarly
The End of an Era; Looking Towards The Future
Nickelodeon’s decision to cancel the series Victorious (yet another series created by prolific producer Dan Schneider) earlier this year came as shock to many viewers.
Victorious, a teen sitcom features beloved network starlet, Victoria Justice and her friends as musical prodigies at an elite Los Angeles high school for gifted students in the performance arts. The series debuted in March 2010 on Nickelodeon.
While the show was not as popular as iCarly, it had a very strong following and received three Emmy nominations at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards this past September. In fact, both Victorious and iCarly received the nomination for “Outstanding Children’s Program” at the awards ceremony this year (the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place took home the award yet again).
Truth be told, not all is well in the colorful, jaunty and bubblegum pop world of Nickelodeon. The network is currently in the throes of a significant ratings crisis.
Nickelodeon has struggled mightily over the past few years to improve its ratings and overall viewership. According to a 2012 report by analysts, viewership has been down by 30 percent in the past several months.
It is not clear how much the current ratings crisis affected the network’s decision to cancel Victorious, which though has a strong and dedicated fan base is also said to largely have mediocre viewership numbers and ratings. The cancellation of Victorious is a very drastic measure that may serve as a harbinger of a major shakeup at the network.
The departure of Nickelodeon’s two most popular programs, iCarly and Victorious, represent a changing of the guard and a new beginning of sorts as these two programs have long served as anchors in the network’s television lineup.
Though iCarly is having its finale tonight and Victorious is winding up its final season after having been canceled, both of those shows will live on in some form through spin-offs. The network has approved Sam & Cat, starring iCarly's Jennette McCurdy and Victorious regular Ariana Grande, and Gibby, starring iCarly's Noah Munck.
The Schneider produced Sam & Cat and Gibby are expected to debut next season to much anticipation from fans that had followed both iCarly and Victorious during their respective production runs.
It is not yet clear if Justice will continue to work with Nickelodeon or part ways with the network. She will be releasing her debut album sometime during 2013.
While many of her cast members from iCarly will remain with Nickelodeon and continue to star in television series on the network, Cosgrove is actually walking away from the limelight – at least for now.
She will retire from a superstar existence and begin her new life as a university student.
Cosgrove began her freshman year as a full-time student at University of Southern California (USC) this past September. She was also accepted to New York University but eventually made the choice to stay in Los Angeles and attend USC. Though she does not live on campus, she only lives 20 minutes away from the university.
During an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon earlier this week, the former Nickelodeon starlet revealed that she chose film as her major after becoming fascinated with what goes on behind the camera lenses and the work that takes place behind the scenes during her time on iCarly.
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