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article imageOp-Ed: Islam doesn’t allow talking to Western media, says Saudi cleric

By Ernest Dempsey     Nov 23, 2012 in World
Riyad - Like many other ridiculous declarations by Muslim clerics, we now have another one from the ‘grand’ cleric of Saudi Arabia – that talking to western media is prohibited by Islam.
It seems the Saudi clergy is determined to beat its government in the constant race for hypocrisy. Take the recent religious declaration of the kingdom’s chief cleric, reported by Al Arabiya News, whereby he has ordained that talking to western media is haram, i.e., prohibited in Islam. In other words, he has suddenly decided that he can speak on behalf of God and scare people, whoever still listens to him, into believing that if they talk to media outlets from the west, they will be committing a sin.
Now this plain ridiculous fatwa, as it is called in Islamic terms, is no less baseless than such funny fits of self-created Islamic decrees by earlier preachers and religious ministers. In the past, such senselessness by clergy and government have deprived women in Saudi Arabia of their right to drive car without having a male family member as escort and then there was this outrageous fatwa by Kuwaiti clerics who wanted women to breastfeed their husbands. Surely, many women right in their own countries didn’t pay these worse-than-medieval declarations any heed but rejected them as trash.
And since sexism and fetishism don’t satisfy clerical prejudices, an Indian preacher Dr. Zakir Naik rationalized that smoking is prohibited in Islam. The Muslims that I know simply smiled at his hollow claim and continued to smoke without losing faith in Islam, though they did lose a good deal of faith in cheap fatwas issued by people who climb up the ladder of fame by satisfying the prejudices of a certain mindset. And if you are still looking for something that gives you a side-splitting laughter, look no more, for here is an Egyptian entertainer of a cleric who issued the fatwa that women will be going against Islam if they eat certain food items which are shaped like the male sex organ. What more to say?
It doesn’t take a genius to understand the motives behind these outrageously ridiculous fatwas: oppressing women, keeping people from seeking any/all pleasure which is not subjugate to the clergy, and of course, to cover crimes and corruption; it is the latter that is the reason for the Saudi chief cleric’s recent fatwa. Talking to western media occurs to him equal to treachery and betraying the "secrets" of an Islamic state. He knows well that media in west stands for freedom from oppression and against slavery of religious lords – these things in cloaks that create their own versions of a religion and impose it on the public, affecting their lives directly. Why would then he want people to talk to the western media?
It’s just about time that people say no to this foul contamination of Islam by clerics whose hypocrisy has been repeatedly exposed and who are the main cause of why we have terrorist organizations working all over the world.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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