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article imageWoman attempted to murder boyfriend with DD breasts

By Eric Morales     Nov 23, 2012 in Crime
Unna - A German woman is accused of using her breasts as deadly weapons - literally, as her boyfriend says she admits to trying to suffocate him during sex.
“I couldn't breathe any more, I must have turned blue. I couldn't tear myself free and I thought I was going to die.” Tim Schmidt told a German court, concerning an incident in May with his girlfriend Franziska Hansen, according to the Daily Mirror.
Schmidt, who weighs about 190 pounds, says he and his girlfriend were having sex when the 33-year-old woman allegedly tried to suffocate him to death using her - assets. The 123-pound Franziska Hansen, who boasts a 38 double-D bra size, is charged with 'attempted murder with a deadly weapon.' Tim Schmidt, a lawyer claims that his girlfriend of four years was on top of him when the alleged crime took place. "She was sitting on me naked and I was kissing her breasts. Suddenly she grabbed my head and pushed me between her breasts with all of her force." Tim Schmidt claims.
The German lawyer says with his last bit of strength he was able to free himself and run for help; naked and desperate Schmidt finally reached the home of a neighbor and asked the man to call the police.
Tim Schmidt blames a new job, and a move to a new city for the break-up of their relationship, and the alleged murder attempt. Schmidt according to the Daily Mail, says that when he finally landed a job in Unna, a town just one hour from Cologne, practicing law his girlfriend began facing financial hardship. "Everything was great between us – and I would have done everything for her. But it started to go wrong when I got my first job as a lawyer and we moved to Unna." Schmidt says, "She could not hold down a job and just had one part-time job after the other. And the better my career went – the worst it seemed to be for her."
Franziska Hansen denies the allegations, claiming it was all simply a sex game.
However Schmidt may have a smoking gun to prove his accusations. The German man reportedly told the court that he confronted his ex-girlfriend about the incident, over the telephone and she confessed.
"I asked her why she wanted to smother me to death with her breasts and she told me." Tim Schmidt then recounted for the court his girlfriends alleged reasoning, as she explained it to him.
‘Treasure – I wanted your death to be as pleasurable as possible.’
Tim Schmidt believes that Fraziska's motive was that she had become aware that he was planning to leave her.
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